Keeping The Arts Alive In Your Homeschool (Review)

This past year we’ve really put an emphasis on art in our homeschool. Where we used to only “do art” once every couple of weeks in years past, this school year we have built it into our daily routine. Each day at 3 o’clock, the kids and I gather to create something. We’ve done all kinds of things during our designated art time.

We make and build with play dough, paint, color, draw, use shading pencils, make stamps with fruit . . . all kinds of stuff! Lately, we’ve been using ArtAchieve. We received the Entire Level III for review.

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ArtAchieve is an online art curriculum for homeschoolers. This awesome program has set itself apart from other online art resources by helping you teach art and make cross-curricular connections between art and the other subjects in your homeschool.

How we enjoyed ArtAchieve

Our first project we did was The African Crowned Crane. As with the other units, it follows the same flow:

  • watch the video to learn more about the art medium or object
  • do relaxing exercises while listening to calming music
  • do the warm up drawing
  • do the actual project
  • further the learning process by checking out the cross-curricular activities

Julia and I watched the video . . .

Worked on our warm up drawing . . .


Started our pictures by drawing it first . . .

Then we painted them!


I love the colors in Julia’s.

To what ages does ArtAchieve appeal?

While you know your child and their capabilities best, the following are general age guidelines:

  • Level I is appropriate for ages 5 and up
  • Level II for ages 7 and up
  • Level III for ages 9 and up
  • Level IV for 10 and above

If you aren’t sure where to begin, try the free Level I Czech Cat lesson to get a feel for the difficulty levels.

My children and I enjoy arting (yes, that’s a word) very much, but to be honest, we aren’t that great at it. Our finished projects always have a homemade feel to them.

Julia and I worked on a Level III project. She’s 14 and I’m . . . older. We didn’t find it difficult to do, but the free hand drawing was a challenge for both of us. I think that’s more because we’re inexperienced, not because it’s just hard to do.

What about supplies?

There are lists of essential supplies on the individual lesson pages, and there’s also a general page that lists all the supplies needed for all levels, as well as music to listen to while arting.

Because we’ve been more serious about our arting this year, we’ve accumulated a sizable art supply stash. Which means we had everything needed.

What did we think?

Well, since we’ve reviewed ArtAchieve before, we already knew we loved it! But why do we love it?

Here are a few reasons:

  • there’s very little prep work needed
  • the lessons are multifaceted and teach more than just technique
  • they’re fun!

We highly recommend ArtAchieve to families, homeschooling or not, everywhere!

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