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In our home, we love art. We even have a certain time of the day (during school days) that we either do art or foreign language (which I also consider an art). Having four children under six years old means I’m always on the look out for mess-free art supplies. Thanks to The Pencil Grip, Inc. and their quick drying stick paint, we don’t have to look too far.

mess-free art

Mess-Free Art In Your Homeschool

Thin Stix are the newest addition to the Kwik Stix family. When we reviewed the original Kwik Stix, of course, we enjoyed using them, but found their thick design hard to overcome when we wanted to make details in our art. The Thin Stix are the answer to that issue.

mess-free art
Thin Stix, like their thicker counterparts, are tempura paint in stick form. Yes, it’s real paint. Yes, it smells like paint. Yes, it looks like paint. But does it make a mess like paint? NO!

mess-free art

A few reasons we like the Thin Stix

The thin design makes detailing much easier!

mess-free art

mess-free art

They’re great for on-the-go art.

Thin Stix are non-toxic, which makes them perfect for toddler use!

Because there’s no need for water, the tempura sticks are basically a no-prep art supply. You literally just grab them, take the lid off, and paint!

The paint dries in 90 seconds!

Thin Stix are great for the whole family

Yes, I primarily thought of my littles using the paints when we offered to review them, however, not long after I had them open, my husband grabbed them! He enjoys arting (yes, that’s a word) with us on occasion, but usually, work has him too busy. That being said, one night he grabbed the box of Thin Stix and quickly painted that Jamaican-looking picture up there. Is he Jamaican? No, he’s Brazilian. He just has the uncanny ability to start making random lines on paper and then turn them into something amazing.

Ultimately, these paints are perfect for younger children but can be enjoyed by people of any age.

If we had one complaint, it would be that the colors don’t blend. My husband thinks it is because they dry so quickly. He thought to dig some out of the tubes, combine it with water, and try to blend that way, but because that isn’t the product’s intended purpose, he decided not to.

mess-free art

I tried to outsmart the paint with my ninja skills and put one color on top of another before either of them had a chance to dry, but it still didn’t work well.

mess-free art

We also noticed that some colors were smoother than others- particularly the green, red, and yellow. They seemed to go on smoother and give a better coat. They looked less like crayon marks with those tiny white spots like you see above in the blue.

Beyond the silly blending issue, we totally recommend these paints (and all the other fun colors!) from The Pencil Grip, Inc. to families everywhere- homeschooling or not.

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