Our Summer Plans {2017}


This June rounded out our sixth year of homeschooling. This year I had a senior, 8th grader, two kindergartners, a toddler, and a newborn. This was probably our most challenging year yet, we had all kinds of things going on!

From trying to make sure my senior met college requirements, scholarships, and transcript crises to adjusting to a new baby, keeping the toddler busy with “tot school” so the others could do actual school, and a job change for my husband . . . this has been one crazy school year!

BUT! We made it through and that’s the important part, right??!

As we look to the summer for some reprieve from our regular school schedule (if there is such a thing), I’m planning to do a micro study on pirates, some math for everyone, and some writing practice as my daughter starts high school in the fall.

Actually, speaking of Julia, her birthday fell late so when I put her in public school as a kindergartener she was a year older than everyone. However, since we’re homeschooling, we’re planning on graduating her in three years instead of the traditional four so she’ll be almost 18 instead of almost 19 when she starts college.

Can we do it? TOTALLY!

Oh, and speaking of college . . . Oscar is starting at Indiana State University in the fall, YAY!!!! We are so incredibly excited and proud of him. He’s worked really hard for this.

I’m still blown away by it all. We successfully homeschooled a child to get into college. We did it!! When we first started this journey six years ago, I wasn’t sure we could.

There’s nothing like success to encourage a homeschool mama!

Now the fall isn’t just the start of our next school year,

it’s also the start of Oscar’s adult/college life <—- that comes with so many emotions.


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