Aviation Education with Dr. Aviation (Review)


Doctor Aviation is an online course that can be taken by students, adults, or whole families together. Julia is taking the aviation education course as an elective in high school. We were given six months of access to the course, which means my freshman will be able to finish it just after the start of our new school year.

aviation education

Aviation Education with Dr. Aviation

Here’s a screenshot of the lesson page. It’s all pretty self-explanatory.

aviation education

Notice those downloadable resources up there? The Guided Notes are essentially fill in the blank note pages to go along with the lesson videos. The Learn More pages are additional resources to take the learning to the next level. Within those pages, you’ll find recommended books, movies, websites, and research/writing prompts.

There are six sections divided into 15 sessions. The six sections are:

  1. Course Intro (session 1)
  2. The Aircraft (sessions 2-5)
  3. Air Traffic Control (sessions 6-7)
  4. Aircraft Maintenance (sessions 8-9)
  5. Airfield operations (sessions 10-11)
  6. The Aircraft II (sessions 12-15)

Each of the 15 lessons includes a 45-60 minute video.

The main component of the curriculum is the videos. The idea is to use the note pages while watching the lessons. Following along with the video and note page, you’ll find action steps to learn more, questions to consider, and additional resources. All of which are designed to help you and your student dig deeper into the material.

There are tests included as well. Combine the printed test kept for records, the writing and research project, as well as extra reading, iand it would be pretty easy to have enough hours/work to make this qualify for a half credit course, possibly even a full credit course.

What about monitoring progress?

Here’s a screenshot of my dashboard.

aviation education

From this screen, I can see how many days we’ve been doing the course, how close to completion we are, as well as what lesson is next.

What did we think of Dr. Aviation?

Together, Julia and I watched the videos once or twice a week. We printed the guided notes and she filled them out as we went. Mostly. Sometimes there was just too much to write. Apparently, my girl has a hard time taking notes while listening to the video. Each time she went to fill out an answer, she paused the lesson.

We both found the information given plentiful, but somewhat dry. Sometimes it was just fact after fact after fact, and sometimes we would spend 40ish minutes just watching the doc stand next to an airplane taking. Those sessions were harder to push through. There are videos and some slides within the sessions, but the majority of the time it’s lecture style.

Each session follows the same flow-

  • cover some objectives for the session
  • Technical Trivia – the nuts and bolts of the airplane
  • Notable Innovators – biographical history
  • Legendary Event – basically the same idea as the innovators, but about an event from history

Our favorite part of the sessions is definitely the Notable Innovators. We enjoy learning about history, so naturally, learning about some of the greats in the history of aviation was enjoyable. The Legendary Events were definitely a close second though.

Dr. Aviation is a fun and easy elective to add to the high school transcript. While we started out just going through the course for fun, it has sparked an interest in Julia. The technical side of things is fascinating. She’s now considering a career in flight control. We’ll see where that leads!

I totally recommend Dr. Aviation to homeschool families everywhere.

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