The Day Our House Mouse Turned Into Two Guinea Pigs


We live in the country- kinda. We live outside city limits so . . . Anyway, living in a rural area has brought new challenges I’d never dealt with in the past.

Wind for example. I don’t mean the regular “oh that’s a nice breeze, let’s open the windows” wind. I mean the kind of wind that knocks your power out and your trees down.

Critters would be another unsuspected challenge. We’ve got raccoons, foxes, deer, opossums, snakes, and more that I’m not even aware of I’m sure. Thankfully though, those are all outside the house.

Which leads me to what we have inside the house . . . mice. There’s nothing like finding your pantry cabinets littered with mouse poo. Ack! Makes me sneer just thinking about it. We have used several different type of traps, some more effective than others. By the way, we always use peanut butter as bait. Works every time!

Anyway, so the mouse catching was going along swimmingly until little creature lover Max came along and wanted to keep one to watch it. We looked and found some humane traps that are great for observation.

He sat for a long time watching it before asking to keep it.

Seeing how much he already liked the little vermin, I couldn’t tell him no. We ran out and grabbed a hampster kit.

All seemed well. The kids sat at the cage for a while watching it, but when I came into the room several hours later, guess what I found? NOT A MOUSE. The vermin had escaped. We thought maybe the two-year-old had let it out so the next mouse we caught went into the cage.

It too disappeared. This time we knew the two-year-old wasn’t the culprit. Turns out the mice can just squeeze through the bars. Whatever.

Having learned that the hampster cage is no place for a mouse, I sent my oldest on a mission to go buy two hampsters. He came back with these . . .

These are not hampsters. They are guinea pigs.

He genuinely believed these were hamsters. How I managed to raise a child and him not know the difference between hampsters and guinea pigs is beyond me.

My initial disbelief turned to aggravation. What was I going to do with two guinea pigs????

Then, I held one.

It was soft. It was sweet. And IT PURRED. Guinea pigs purr!!!! I had no idea!!!!

So, now Betsy and Bertha have joined the family. The mice we keep finding are tossed into the forest behind our house, and the hampster cage we bought sits unused.

And because it has now become my mission in life to tell the world about the guinea pig purr, here’s a video starring my adorable girls, Betsy and Bertha.

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