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Mapelle Films presents  Trust Fund. We were sent the film and the book, Love Was Near, for review.

Looks good, huh??

We recently watched this as a family (two teens and us “adults”) for family movie night. Friday nights at our house is homemade pizza and movie night. We start a kid-friendly movie around five o’clock and chow down on our pizza while we watch. About halfway through, we get out the desserts. After their movie is over, the littles go to bed and we put on a movie for us bigs. We also tend to make some popcorn, but don’t tell the littles, please.

This most recent time we watched Trust Fund.

Trust Fund echoes the old tale of the prodigal son. As you can see from the trailer, Reese finds she is the recipient of five million dollars. She secretly transfers her part of the inheritance and takes off for Italy without saying goodbye to her family. In true prodigal form, she loses all of her money, but Reese differs in one way, she loses her heart, too.

Reese is a writer who comes from a wealthy family. She’s grown up with money and now expects to have the pampered lifestyle without having to work for it. It’s this mentality that leads her into trouble. Relationships are strained and she nearly misses out on the greatest adventure (the one she has been looking for) of her life.

Through many pit falls, a few triumphs, and a lot of self-discovery, Reese finally realizes who she is and where she’s supposed to be. It takes a bit to get there, but the story ends well for almost everyone.

Trust Fund

We all enjoyed the film, even though it’s obviously a “chick-flick”. There’s no war, fighting, explosions, or gruesome death, so my husband and eighteen-year-old son were a little less entertained than Julia and me, but they made it through.

Overall, Trust Fund is a great family movie. There are some parts where Reese walks around in what I assume is her boyfriend’s shirt in the morning- suggesting they slept together the night before. But other than that, it’s totally family friendly. I’d recommend it to everyone, especially teenage girls.

Along with the DVD, we were sent Love Was Near, which is a book intended for girls ages 12+ to read after viewing the movie.

Throughout the movie you see Reese writing in a journal. Sometimes she’s giggling and smiling, other times she’s angry or crying. Obviously, she’s pouring herself into this book. Toward the end of the film, you realize one of the books she’s publishing is the journal she’d been keeping. This is Love Was Near.

Love Was Near is basically a journal kept by Reese that explains her thoughts, feelings, and motives for her actions in the movie. Parts of it are typed, some appear to be hand written journal style, and there are many photos and doodles throughout the book. It’s really pretty neat.

Beyond being read, it’s also meant to have the reader respond. There are pages after each section that engages the reader with Reese’s story and ask reflective questions. The questions usually have the reader look at their own life and experiences.

Love Was Near brings many issues to life that young girls might be dealing with. By young, I mean teenagers.

It’s easy to judge other based on their actions, I know I’m guilty of it. But this book- meant for teens essentially- has forced me to realize that I have no idea what people are going through, so why on earth would I but a stamp of judgment on them purely based on what I see them do. Yep, I’m ridiculous.

Anyway, both the book and the movie are great. While the book isn’t a requirement to enjoy the film, it really takes things to another level, especially for the girls.

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