My College Kid


Welp, we got him all moved in. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

We (I) had fun putting things together in his dorm. It was kind of my last chance to “Mom” him for a while. This super flattering picture was me trying to get him to take a photo with me in his room. Obviously, he was a little resistant.

That kid.

The first night was terrible. The subsequent days have slowly been getting better. I think I finally stopped randomly bursting into tears around day five- which was yesterday.

After a couple days of meĀ living on the couch, the rest of the children are glad to have regular mommy back. It’s been an adjustment for all of us.

I realized yesterday as we were picking peaches and apples from the back yard that life goes on. His life goes on. Our life goes on- whether I spend the day on the couch or not. I can boo-hoo because my baby has left the nest, or I can rejoice thatĀ my homeschooled kid got into college AND I’ve still got five more at home!

Anyway, here’s to successes- both large and small!! Yay for college! Yay for apples! Yay for having more than one kid so I don’t spend the rest of my life a depressed mess!!!


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