When Life Just Doesn’t Go Your (My) Way


Today is Friday- the last day of our week. Monday through Thursday we tend to stay home and not leave the house much, other than the kids’ Tuesday night art class. Friday is our make up day for school work and any household chores we didn’t get done during the school week. It’s also the day I schedule field trips, appointments, and other things of that nature. And usually, Saturday is a prep day- freezer cooking, Sunday prep, laundry catch up, outdoor work, and miscellaneous errands.

This is our routine. It works. I like it.

So when things don’t go according to plan, I easily get upset have a hard time dealing with it. I huff and puff. I grit my teach and try to finagle¬†some way to turn things around and back on track- my track.

Our day is structured! It’s reliable! The kids always know what happens next! (can you tell I thrive on routine and order?)

However, my selfish attempts to rule life are usually wasted energy spent in vain. Eventually, I resign to put my checklist away, my meal plan back on the fridge, and let the scattered toys stay on the floor.

I take a deep breath and, once again, relinquish my “control” over our day. I pray for strength, guidance, and forgiveness for my selfish, controlling nature.

Because really, what else can you do?

The dog will puke on the floor. The baby will dump the box of LEGOS. You will make a meal that no one likes and refuses to eat (and hereby waste way too much food!). Get what I’m saying?

Life happens. The unexpected happens. The undesired happens. And heaven forbid, the worst happens- you run out of coffee and have to pile everyone in the truck to go get more.

So, what’s your point, Jeniffer? We all know crap happens, but what can we do about it?¬†


You roll with it. You adapt and keep trucking. You smile and say, “plot twist!” But most importantly, you choose praise. Trust me, things always end better when you choose praise.

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