Walmart Grocery Pick Up ~ My New Favorite Thing


Have you used Walmart grocery pick up? Oh My Goodness!!!! You’re telling me I can make an order online, drive to the store, NOT get out of my vehicle, let someone else load ALL my groceries, and drive back home??? How have I not heard about this before?

Walmart grocery pick up

I heard about this amazing service in an Instagram post from Large Family Table. If you don’t follow Jamerrill, you should. Seriously, go do it now. I’ll wait.

Of course, my load is minuscule compared to her’s, but this was just a practice run to see how I liked it. I LOVED it.

Walmart grocery pick up

They brought all my grocery and household items out in those blue crates up there and proceeded to load it all into my friend’s van. We were having a girls day. Which means we went to Aldi, Goodwill, and Wendy’s for bunless bacon cheeseburgers- without kids.

Walmart grocery pick up

And since it was my first time using the pickup service they gave me this cute little goodie bag! It was filled with food items and coupons. Fun!

The people were super nice and when I got home nothing was smashed. I have since made orders that have required two huge carts to be pulled out to my car.

I’ll definitely be using this service when the colder winter months get here. No more trying to push carts through snow and load up in the bitter cold. Nope. It’s Walmart pick up service all the way!

Use this link to make your first order and save $10!

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