Thinking Like an Engineer with Innovators Tribe (Review)


For a few weeks now Julia, my sophomore, has been working on Thinking Like an Engineer from Innovators Tribe. We received a  receive a 2-year subscription to the course.  A single subscription can be used for an entire household.


Thinking Like an Engineer is an online course that teaches kids about every aspect of engineering.  Through watching video lessons, filling out unit journals, and building activities, Thinking Like an Engineer introduces students to the professionals who are most closely associated with applied science, technology, and design.

The different units are . . .

  • Introduction to Engineering? – 4 lessons with 3 activity challenges
  • Introduction to 3D Design (tools of modern design) – 5 lessons with 2 design challenges
  • Engineering Rollercoasters! – 5 lessons with 2 activity challenges
  • Engineering Bridges – 7 lessons with 1 design challenge and 1 activity challenge
  • Nano Engineering (Discovery of a New World) – 3 lessons

Each unit also has introduction and summary lessons that run 2 minutes each. The regular lessons run between 3 and 60 minutes and are all composed of a mixture of slides and videos. They estimate the design and activity challenges each take from 1 to 6 hours to complete.

Self-paced Interactive lessons – Your student is fully guided and supported by each lesson, which means basically no prep work for us parents.

Exciting hands-on activities – This course is packed full of fun and engaging activities to stimulate deeper learning.

Design challenges – Design and creativity are at the heart of this course.  Your student will be challenged to complete a series of hands-on design activities to help grow innovative “muscle.”

Downloadable exercise journals – As students progress through each lesson, they will complete a journal documenting their learning. (Hello, records!)

Design software – Using powerful design software, students will complete activities using the tools of modern design.

As you can see, Thinking Like an Engineer is an amazing program. Julia has spent several days each week during the review period watching videos, filling out activity forms, and building to meet the expectations of the challenges.

That’s her game face.

It doesn’t matter what you enjoy doing or what products you like, there’s an engineer either directly or indirectly involved. -Innovators Tribe

Overall Julia has really enjoyed the program. She did say that the videos seemed a bit condescending. The way the instructor spoke got on her nerves a smidge because it seemed like they were talking down to her. But that may just be her personality. She’s a bright girl and does not appreciate being spoken to under any other pretenses. It’s like she expects the world to know she’s crazy intelligent and treat her as such. She’ll be going to college in a couple of years. Between you and I, I suspect she’s in for a rude awakening. 😉

She plans on continuing the program over the course of this school year. I think it will be a nice addition to her transcript, especially since she plans on attending MIT.

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