Treating Colds Naturally


It is cold and flu season around here you guys! If you’ve got a large family, you know how that goes . . . it spreads to everyone!! Last night Max came to me saying he was having a hard time breathing through his nose. Not 10 minutes later, Louisa came into the kitchen coughing and was closely followed by Isaac who had snot running down his face! What on earth? They were fine until suddenly, BOOM, it was like someone dropped a germ bomb on them all!

Thankfully, I’ve got some things in my arsenal for treating colds naturally. I shared a photo of what our normal cold routine includes on Instagram.

treating colds naturally

Treating Colds Naturally

Because germs spread so quickly, as soon as I see anyone in our family starting to come down with something, on goes the Immune Boom and everyone begins taking daily Vitamin C. In fact, during the cold/flu months (September-February) I tend to automatically add the Emergen-C added to my Walmart Pick-up order. That way I know I’ve always got a supply. While the rest of us get Immune Boom, the sickie gets Sniffle Stopper and/or Germ Destroyer throughout the day. (I usually buy the 3 pack to save money)

The colloidal silver I usually use for the bigger kids and us adults. Although, I do put it on any scraps or cuts they get.

That big silver bag in the photo is my dried elderberries. I use those to make elderberry syrup. We take the syrup daily during the cold season and several times a day when someone in the house is sick. We’ve even put it on our pancakes or in smoothies before!

A few other things not pictured that we use around here to keep everyone happy and healthy during the cold season . . .

How do you keep your family healthy during cold season?

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  1. We use a variety of things to boost immune system and fight those nasty germs. Like you I get Vit C into everyone as much as possible, I diffuse a variety of essential oils that are beneficial and evaluate how we are eating. Fresh air and sunshine, too!

  2. I have never tried any of these yet, but being a mom of 7, I always like to try new things and if I can get through illness in a faster fashion, I am all for it. I really want to try the elderberries. I wonder if they taste like another berry?

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