2018 Biblical Calendar from GrapeVine Studies (20% off through January 14th)


Grapevine Studies has created a unique calendar combining our modern calendar with the biblical calendar. With this calendar, you have the opportunity to learn the names and pronunciations of the biblical months. Each day contains the Gregorian date along with the biblical date.

Within the months you’ll find biblical references, Christian tradition, and Jewish historical events that have been stick figured onto the calendar.

Wall Calendar

The calendar can be hung on the wall as an easy way to discover what biblical events took place each month. See the sample below.

Grapevine's Biblical Calendar

Calendar Notes

In addition to the notes on the wall calendar, the Calendar Notes booklet provides even more information. More details, website references, and scripture passages are included in this companion booklet. As you can see below, the image on the calendar corresponds to the Notes booklet making it easy to quickly find your desired date.

Grapevine's Biblical Calendar

The Wall Calendar and Calendar Notes Booklet are sold separately and are available in physical or PDF format.

Using the 2018 Biblical Calendar

The calendar is the perfect tool to help you take just a few minutes a day to bring the Bible to life. Relating biblical events to today help children grasp the fact that there is more than just Sunday School stories┬áto God’s Word.

By keeping the Biblical Calendar in the kitchen near the breakfast table, it won’t take long before the wonderful new habit of reading about biblical history becomes second nature.

Now through January 14th, 2018 both the Biblical Calendar and Calendar Notes are 20% off.

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