Bringing History to Life with Drive Thru History Adventures {Review}

Drive Thru History Adventures is quite possibly the best thing to happen to our homeschool this year. The kids look forward to Dave (with all his quirky humor) and his adventures around the world and through time.

Drive Thru History Adventures

Bringing History to Life with Drive Thru History Adventures

Drive Thru History Adventures has three online courses.

  • Bible History (18 weeks on the Gospels)
  • American History (12 weeks on early American history)
  • Ancient History (12 weeks on early Greece, Rome, and Asia Minor)

In each weekly lesson (or Adventure)  we watched a video, did some reading and answered some questions. We learned history together while exploring the world from our couch and recliners. And of course, in true Drive Thru History fashion, Dave worked in some geography, archaeology, and classic art.

Because my teenage daughter is doing American History this year, we focused on the American History videos. We watched the videos together a couple times a week. To be honest, all of my school age kids looked forward to the videos. In fact, they asked for them every. single. day. Yes, they’re that good. Check out this introductory video below.

Do you see what I mean? They’re excellent! The videos are full of adventure and excitement. It’s like you’re taking the ultimate guided tour around the world from the comfort of your couch. 

After we watched a video, we’d go over the discussion questions to see who remembered what. I also asked some opened ended questions like everyone’s favorite parts or maybe something they found surprising. There’s also some suggested reading that coincides with the videos. The material is easily found on the website.

Drive Thru History Adventures
The course curriculum is for kids roughly ages twelve and up. High school students can dig deeper by reading the source documents, expert papers, and short articles. If you’re looking to add more substance,  older students could also do outside research and answer the essay questions in more depth.

I’m super thankful that we will have access to the videos for a while so we won’t run out of videos to watch anytime soon. The kids are learning about history in a memorable and engaging way. Drive Thru History Adventures has changed the way we do history in our homeschool.

Drive Thru History Adventures TV

Drive Thru History Adventures also has Adventures TV, which is included in your subscription. On Adventures TV you can stream the videos on an app available through the Apple App Store or Google Play for most devices. Adventures TV has more shows, bloopers, mini-documentaries, other fun stuff.

Drive Thru History Adventures

Specials from Drive Thru History Adventures

Right now they are offering one of The Gospels DVDs free to those who join with an annual subscription. Drive Thru History Adventures is also offering 20% off an annual subscription for readers of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. (The offers cannot be combined.)

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