Teaching Children to Write with WriteShop Primary

Teaching children to write can be a daunting task, but WriteShop Primary makes the job a little less scary and a whole lot of fun. For the past few weeks, my first graders and I have been using WriteShop Primary A three days a week.

Through simple, engaging lessons, the kids and I have worked side by side as we completed a variety of fun activities and slowly trecked our way into the world of writing.

Teaching Children to Write with WriteShop Primary

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Our school days generally have the same flow. Once we’ve had breakfast and eased into our day, the kids settle in with LEGOs and I find a spot to sip my coffee and read aloud. We read for an hour or two, then it’s time for chores, outside play, and lunch. After lunch, we do our table work. Usually, the kids sit during our table work time. However, that changed when we started WriteShop.

Because the program is flexible (the writing can be done by student or parent), I decided to let the kids use one of our whiteboards to write their portion of the activities.

Each of the lessons follows the same eight Activity Sets. This built-in predictability is great for keeping with the rhythm and routine of our days. The Activity Sets are as follows

Activity Set 1

  • Guided Writing Practice

Activity Set 2

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • Pre-writing Activities (such as picture books to read aloud or related games to play)

Activity Set 3

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • Brainstorming

Activity Set 4

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • The Writing Project

Activity Set 5

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • Editing and Revising the First Draft

Activity Set 6

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • Activity Set Worksheet

Activity Set 7

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • Publishing the Project (final draft)

Activity Set 8

  • Guided Writing Practice
  • Evaluating Student’s Work
  • Want to Do More? (optional extension activities)

Don’t worry, I know that looks like a lot, but really it’s not. By breaking down the steps of writing into manageable nuggets, you are able to complete many writing projects over time without the dread of overwhelm.


WriteShop Primary A does a wonderful job of easing you and your child into the steps of writing and creating stories. The first lesson had us writing just three sentences each day for our Guided Writing. Throughout the rest of the lesson, the kids drew pictures of their favorite animals, filled out the activity worksheet, and then made their drawings into kites!

Teaching Children to Write with WriteShop Primary

Simple, effective, and fun.

By engaging in the multi-sensory lessons, Max and Caroline learned to use their imaginations and organize their thoughts for the Guided Writing.

The lessons in WriteShop A are completely age appropriate and easily adaptable for kids in kindergarten through second grade.

If you’re not sure how to guide the lessons, don’t’ worry. Each lesson has script prompts to help you along the way.

There are three possible schedules to follow with WriteShop Primary.

  • Three-week lesson plan (complete WriteShop Primary A, B, and C in 3 years)
  • Two-week lesson plan (complete the three levels in 2 years)
  • One-week lesson plan (complete the three levels in 1 year)

Because my children are on the younger end of the spectrum, just five and six years old, we opted for the three-week lesson plan. So we are just now getting into lesson three.

I absolutely love that my children look forward to and even ask to do our writing. I may end up switching to the two-week lesson plan (four days per week) after a while.

WriteShop Makes Teaching Children to Write Easy

WriteShop Primary Book A consists of the Activity Pack (student pages) and a Teacher’s Guide. The Teacher’s Guide is incredibly comprehensive. Each Activity type, creating a writing center, teaching the program with more than one student (even if they are in different levels!) are all explained in depth.

Teaching Children To Write with WriteShop Primary

To be honest, when I first thumbed through the lessons (without reading the instructions first) I felt a bit apprehensive. There just seemed like so much to cover and to do! But once I read the instructions, I was completely prepared and confident to begin teaching. 

WriteShop Primary

WriteShop has forever changed the way I teach my children to write. The lessons are fun, engaging, and multi-sensory. I look forward to completing Book A and sharing our creations with the rest of our family at the end of this school year. The kids will have quite the writing portfolio!

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