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Sometimes you just need some fun history supplements to break away from the everyday rhythm of things. Adding in a little fun is easy to do with Home School in the Woods’ Á La Carte products. We received the Name That State! File Folder Game and the New World Explorers Timeline for review.

HSITW Review

Name That State! Game

There’s no better way to learn the  U.S. states and their capitals than with a game! This file folder game is designed to help you and your children recognize the states and match information to each state. The included cards provide the state and capital names, rank in order and date of admittance to the Union, and region on one side and a picture of the state on the other.

There are three game boards to choose from depending on the challenge level you prefer. One game board has the states with names. The second hast the states with abbreviations. And the third has blank states.

Since I was playing with younger children, we used the game board with the names and just match the shape of the state to the labeled state on the map. But if you want it to be a little more challenging, use the game board with the state abbreviations.

How To Play

There are several ways to play at varying levels. For beginners, have the first player name the state at the top of the pile. Flip the card over to see if the answer is correct. If the answer is correct, the player places a marker of their color on the state on the game board and discards the card. If the state was named incorrectly, the card goes back to the bottom of the pile and no marker is placed.

Another option for playing with younger children is to use only a set number of cards. For example, only use the cards from a certain region. Repetition aids tremendously when it comes to memorization. As the players begin to remember the information better, add in more cards!

You can increase the levels of difficulty by naming both the state and its capital city. If the child names only the state name, he places one colored marker on the state, but if he names both state and capital, he places two colored markers on the state.

As you can see, we didn’t use colored paper markers. They recommend using a hole punch to punch out a few different colors to use as markers. I figured beans would work just as well. They did.

The kids really enjoyed the game, as did I!

New Explorers Timeline

Conveying time to children can be a hard thing. When studying events in history, it is important to understand when it took place and events before and after it. This timeline will show you a few key people and events important to the exploration of the Americas.

The timeline is 8 pages long and includes instructions to make it accordion style. You hole punch it so you can put it in a binder and pull it out as needed to review or add new people!

Some of the people included are:

  • Christopher Columbus
  • John Cabot
  • John Smith
  • James Cook
  • Vitus Bering
  • Mary Read & Anne Bonney
  • And several more . . .


These fun products are an excellent way to add some hands-on activities to your current history program. Both products store nicely and are easily saved for many days to come.

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