Family Movie Night ~ Princess Cut {Review}

We received Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures for review and recently watched it for our family movie night.

Princess Cut Review

Princess Cut is the wonderful story of a girl looking for love. Actually, the story really begins when she finally stops looking for love and starts looking to God.

The story revolves around Grace, a young woman who can’t wait to get married. After a few disappointments, heartbreak, and Holy Spirit convictions, Grace decides to hide her heart in the Lord and wait for His timing.

She also decides to put her trust in her father and let his judgment guide her in her decisions.

Princess Cut Movie Review

During this time, her family is struggling with the farm that has been in their family for generations. The father can’t seem to get the combine working, so facing foreclosure, the family commits to working the field of soybeans by hand. I can’t even imagine.

Princess Cut Movie Review

Princess Cut

Grace has a best friend who isn’t a good friend at all, more like a sassy bad influence. It’s easy to not like her, until the end of the movie when she finally comes around.

Throughout the movie, Grace’s father is befriending a man who just moved to town-  a young doctor. See where this is going?

The doctor seems absolutely wonderful and perfect for Grace until a piece of his past comes to visit the small rural town (in high heels and fancy clothing).

Princess Cut Movie Review

In the end, they get the combine working (thanks to the doctor) and God’s choice for Grace is obvious. Princess Cut is a great family film.

Self-control, faith, waiting on God, and family are all resounding themes in the movie. I absolutely recommend it to families everywhere. Princess Cut is age appropriate for just about everyone.

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