Homeschool Chore Routine – How We Work Together to Keep the House Clean

Our homeschool chore routine is one that involves us all. Only by working together can we maintain any semblance of order and not let the house fall into utter disarray.

Our system is simple. Each of the kids has specific chores at specific times of the day, actually, they follow meal times.

Before I dive too deep, here’s a breakdown of ages around here. . .

  • Isaac 20 months
  • Louisa 3 1/2
  • Caroline 6
  • Max 7
  • Julia 15

Don’t worry, I’m not a slave driver. I have chores, too. 😉 Sometimes I’m working alongside one of the kids. Or I might be cooking, working on a project, or dealing with school stuff. It just depends on the day.

Homeschool Chore Routine Large Family Style

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Homeschool chore routine

A while ago I created a simple chart to serve as a reminder of each person’s chores. It has evolved over the months, and this is what it currently looks like.

Our Homeschool Chore Routine

I used the Sheets app on my Chromebook to pull that together in 10 minutes or so. But let me back up . . .

Before I could make the chart, I had to decide what would be the best job for each of my kids? When should we do chores? What was each kid capable of or already proficiently trained in? What chores were quick enough to get done in a few minutes but would also make enough impact on the house that they were worth doing?

This doesn’t have to be drawn out or complicated. Just jot down what chores you think would be most beneficial to the house and its upkeep. Then assign each task. It’s simple!

We spend most of our time downstairs, which means the downstairs is always the messiest. So naturally, it made sense to focus there. None of the chores take more than 15 minutes to complete when the kids actually do the chore.

Has it taken them more than 15 minutes on occasion? Yes. More than 30 minutes? Yes. Has it seriously taken an unnamed child more than 45 minutes to sweep the kitchen? Yes, yes it has. Said child lost her Saturday video game privilege over that one.

We only do zone chores on weekdays

As you can see on the chart, we only do zone chores Monday through Friday. On Saturday we have what I call a “family clean”. Basically, we all work together for two hours on Saturday morning (usually after breakfast) to get the extra stuff done that wasn’t done during the week.

We might work on a big project like changing seasonal clothing around, pick up sticks and rocks out of the yard so I don’t tear up the mower, or deep clean all the fridges and freezers.

After the family clean is done, the kids are free to do whatever they’d like. Saturday is our free day. We take the morning to get the house in order for the upcoming week and then spend the rest of the day relaxing.

Now that we have a set routine

I use these more Springy sheets. If you download the Zone Chore Charts below, you’ll find pages for 4, 5, 6, or 7 people. 

Zone Chore Chart

Still not sure who should do what?

Your Modern Family has a post about Age Appropriate Chores for Young Children Ages 2-8

The Spruce has some great articles about kids and chore charts

The Happy Housewife has an Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids printable

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