If Your Kid Graduates, He’s Going To Need A Diploma {Review}

Last year my oldest son, Oscar, graduated from our homeschool. What that truly meant didn’t hit me until I drove away from his college campus without him for the first time. Everyone said it would be hard, but no one explained how hard or what the “bird leaving the nest” actually feels like. Oh, how I wish someone had prepared me for those emotions!

As I look back on that time, I think of his graduation party. Friends, family, everyone gathered to acknowledge and congratulate Oscar on what he had accomplished. Homeschool Diploma helped make that day special by sending us a diploma.

When we originally ordered his diploma, there were plans for my son’s last name to change. That ended up not happening, so now he has a diploma with the wrong last name on it. However, Homeschool Diploma came up for review again this year and they sent us another one! (This time I got the name right 😉 )

The graduation party we had this past summer was a simple one, but boy was it fun! We had cornhole, lots of food, volleyball, water fun for the little kids. There were no fancy invitations or official handing over of the diploma, but that’s the way he wanted it.



It seems like I blinked and his first year of college is almost over. I look forward to Oscar coming home in the Summer. Because I had him when I was 16, we pretty much grew up together. Him leaving was like losing a long time best friend.

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The diploma they sent us this time is bigger than the older one.

The ordering process for the diploma was a bit intricate. There are many fields to fill out, but it’s all worth it to get the exact diploma you are wanting. Check out the video below about what options I chose for Oscar’s diploma.

It’s actually a 10-step ordering process. You decide the following information:

  • Your Center Seal – you have three options
  • Graduate Information
  • School Information
  • Graduation Date
  • Diploma Paper
  • Honors Designation
  • Diploma Cover
  • Diploma Add-Ons
  • You can upgrade to a package by adding a cap, gown, and tassel
  • And then you add it to your cart!


Homeschool Diploma Review


Homeschool Diploma Review

Homeschool Diploma also offers t-shirts, announcements, photo portfolios, thank you cards . . . just about anything you could need to complete this part of the graduation. They make it super simple to get exactly what you looking for.

The diploma was sent out just about 24 hours after I placed my order and was delivered a couple days later. That speedy service may have been because when I placed my order it would be considered “off-season” for graduation shopping (maybe?) OR they’re just that fantastic and always get things out that fast.

Either way, I absolutely love Oscar’s diploma. I’ll be looking to them again when my 15-year-old graduates.

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