New Series! 5 Days of Homeschool Routines

All next week (April 23rd through the 28th) I will be joining my Crew mates in a 5-Day Blog Hop. Each day I’ll be publishing a new post about Homeschool Routines.

5 Days Homeschool Routine Series Homeschooling | Routines | Large Family

My five topics are:

Day 1 – Gentle Homeschool Morning Routine

Day 2 – Homeschool Chore Routine

Day 3 – Our Daily Homeschool Routine

Day 4 – Homeschool Meal Routine

Day 5 – Homeschool Night Time Routine

I’ll be telling you all about our different routines and what works for us. You’ll find meal plans, printables, practical advice, and lots of humble humor.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for some homeschooling inspiration, check out my new Most Popular page. I’m compiling all of my best and most popular posts there, just for you. 🙂

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