Our Daily Homeschool Routine

From bright early morning until bedtime, our days are spent together. We learn, play, work, and eat together every day. Some days are much more academic than others, but in general, we follow the same routine four days a week. Our daily homeschool routine has evolved over the years into a family-oriented, laid-back style of living.

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Our Daily Homeschool Routine

We begin our days with our gentle morning routine. Once we’re ready for the day and have done our morning chores, we jump into our read alouds.

We are a Sonlight family, so thankfully all of my lesson plans are already done for me. After lunch, when baby brother is put down for his nap, we do our table time. All in all, we spend about four hours each day doing schoolwork and read alouds. 

What do we do each day?

First, let me tell you what we do every school day.

We read aloud. After breakfast, the kids find something quiet to do and I read for an hour or two, depending on how many times they plead, “Just one more chapter, PLEASE??” 

We’re currently reading Wisdom with the Millers, Gooney Bird Greene, Benjamin Franklin, and Indescribable in our morning read alouds.

While I read to the little kids, my freshman gets going on her own work. She either works at her desk nearby or up in her room. She is wonderfully independent.

Math and spelling are done every day while the other subjects are done on alternating days.


Mondays are my favorite day. New week. New school opportunities. A new start with a clean slate.

Grammar and geography are done during table time on Mondays. We have a fun Name That State game that we play once a week. It’s simple enough that even the preschooler plays!

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Tuesday’s table time includes Draw Write Now along with our regulars. We use simple Mead notebooks along with the writing books. They last for quite a while and are relatively cheap.

We do our science on Tuesday and Thursdays also.


We do grammar again on Wednesday along with our Lollipop Logic. Below you can see all three younger kids working on their Math-U-See.

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As I said above, we do our science on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with all of our experiments taking place on Thursday.

What about Friday?

Fridays are reserved as a grace day. Any work that didn’t get done or chores that got shirked are done on Friday. I also run all of my errands on Fridays.

What about the high schooler?

We meet together Monday through Friday (my high schoolers do school five days a week) at 4:30 to see where she is and if she needs help with anything. We also do her Latin during that time.

That’s about it! We spend a lot of time outside (when the weather is nice) and just living life together.

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