Our Homeschool Nighttime Routine

Our homeschool nighttime routine helps set us up for the success on the following day. What’s my definition of a successful day?

For us, a successful day means that no one lost their cool (too badly), accomplished something (in any area of our lives), and I didn’t forget to feed the kids. < — Yes, believe it or not, that has happened. It usually happens when the kids are playing outside for hours and I’m working on something outdoors with them or (very rarely) in the house.

Our Homeschool Night Time Routine ThouShallNotWhine Large Family | Homeschooling

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Just like Crystal Paine says in Make Over Your Evenings, “your day begins the night before.”

Our Homeschool Nighttime Routine

There are five quick things I do each night to *hopefully* lead us into a productive, happy day the following morning.

Make sure the school stuff is where it belongs

We have so too much stuff. Making sure all things school-related are where they are supposed to be significantly cuts down on frustration for all involved.

Sweep the entire downstairs

Waking up to a clean floor is a must for me. Otherwise, I start my morning with a cringe before I even reach the coffee pot! Having a nighttime tidy when the entire family helps put things away right before bed really helps.

Simple Housekeeping for Busy Moms

Wipe the kitchen counters and make sure the sink is empty

Of everything I do at night to prep for the next day, this one is the most important to me. I can’t stand waking up to a dirty kitchen. I’m not alone in this, right??

Just taking a quick 15 minutes or so each night allows me to empty the sink, wipe the counters and upper cabinets, and do a quick final spot sweep.

Check my meal calendar

I use my Google calendar to keep track of what we’re eating each day. By keeping things simple, I’m usually prepared for breakfast and lunch. And by double checking, I am sure to get any protein I might need out of the freezer the night before.


I read

Every night I try to read something encouraging or positively influential. I’ll list a few of my favorites below.

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