Cultivating Christ-like Character in Your Kids + GIVEAWAY

Cultivating Christ-like character in your kids is no easy task. It takes truckloads of patience, persistence, and prayer. (I love alliteration, can you tell?) While I am no expert on the matter, there are a few things that have consistently worked for me over the years.

Cultivating Christ-like Character in Your Kids

Cultivating Christ-like Character in Your Kids

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Be the model

I purchase most of our meat at a local butcher that rings things up by putting the prices in manually. On our last trip there, I bought a 40lb case of chicken breasts. The cashier read the price label wrong and rang up the chicken for $40.00 instead of the actual price, $78.00.

She told me my total and waited for me to pay.

Honestly, I considered paying the $40.00 and going on my way. Thankfully, that telltale Holy Spirit conviction thumped in my chest and banished the thought of being dishonest. I informed the girl of the mistake and paid the right price.

Max and Caroline were with me that day. This gave me a huge opportunity to talk about doing right, no matter what.

We all have opportunities like this in life. Sharing the circumstances and how we handled them is strong encouragement for our kids.

Read good books

Reading books with godly characters in them also encourages the kids to do right. By having examples in real life and in the books we read, they are given ample models to look to when life hands out its challenges.

Some of our favorites are listed below, but really any books by these authors are wonderful.

Take advantage of teachable moments

Everyone messes up. Sometimes those mistakes provide opportunities for us to teach the kids about the character of Christ. When problems arise, take them back to the Word. Show them what Jesus says.

Don’t let them watch junk

What goes in (ears and eyes) will come out (thoughts and words). It’s a simple fact. By censoring what our kids take in we can help them build good character and hopefully avoid the nonsense that permeates most of today’s digital media.

Help them with friend choices

Only for a short time do we have the power to influence our kids’ friend choices. As parents, we need to take advantage of this.

Don’t talk to me about my child “being the light” to a bad influence. It is simply not their responsibility to teach other kids to be good- it’s their parents’.

Let your discipline reflect grace

Extending grace when punishment is deserved is an awesome way to model the character of Christ. If you have a talk with your child about what they did, why it was wrong, what Christ says, and then extend grace, they will remember it.

Teach them the power of repentance

Teaching the kids about repentance and what it means is powerful. When they know they are truly forgiven and the offense won’t be brought up again, it gives them peace, just like it does you and me.

Give yourself grace

You need grace, too, Mama. Like I said, we all mess up. Repenting to our children for our own mistakes against them speaks volumes and gives them more confidence to repent themselves.

Cultivate Christ-like Character in Your Kids

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  1. “Don’t talk to me about my child “being the light” to a bad influence. It is simply not their responsibility to teach other kids to be good- it’s their parents’.” THANK YOU! Just what I needed to hear.

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