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We received MESSYLEARNING FOR PRESCHOOLERS AND KINDERGARTNERS from PandaParents for review. We received three months of product in total. Each “month” of the program includes a pdf book, online videos, and a pdf workbook.

The three “months” we received are . . .

  • Mommy’s Baby
  • A Jolly Jingling Journey
  • Scotty Skunk Hears a Scary Sound

Panda Parents Kindy Curriculum


Panda Parents Review

The idea is to watch the video and then do the workbook pages together. There is also a storybook you can read together to go with the video, but it’s the exact same thing as the video, so we skipped that part.

Panda Parents Review

MESSYLEARNING from PandaParents

We mostly focused on the Mommy’s Baby set.

Panda Parents

As you can see below, the workbook is full color, so that made printing everything hard.

Panda Parents Review


Panda Parents Review

MESSYLEARNING claims to focus on early learning and brain development without “screen dependence”, however, it is a digital product. Yes, eventually they do plan to have the workbooks and storybooks in physical form, but there are still the videos, which are kind of the cornerstone of the program.

To be honest, Louisa (4-year-old) had very little interest in this. I tried to get her to watch the video a few different times, but she lost interest after the second minute because, after the intro of the video, there is a repetition sequence that goes on for over three minutes. The entire video itself is only five minutes long.

Final Thoughts

I get the idea behind the program. I understand that these were created to give preschoolers and kindergartners a chance to learn, grow, and create just like older siblings, but I think the execution was off. As a mom of six, we go through many, many workbooks in the tot/preschool age, most of which I purchase at the dollar store. I’m sorry to say that these workbooks aren’t much different from the ones we’ve used in the past, but they come with a much higher price tag.

The videos lack depth. They are basically reading a nonsensical story to your child via the internet. I understand that some parents don’t have a lot of time to read to their children, and maybe that’s where this would come in? I just don’t see the benefit of having someone else reading to my child through a screen when I can read to them myself.

I’m sure there are parents and families out there who would be a good fit for this product, unfortunately, we are not it. I try to keep the kids’ screen time to a minimum and therefore, this is just not for us.

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