3 Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas

Everyone enjoys the idea of giving their home a cheeky little remodel. Maybe you feel like certain areas have gone out of date, or you just want to try something different and add extra features to your home? Regardless, some of you may be afraid to remodel your house as you think everything is way too expensive.

3 Affordable Home Remodeling Ideas ThouShallNotWhine.com

On the contrary, one thing our recent home remodeling taught me is that there are plenty of simple and affordable ideas that can greatly improve the look and feel of your home without breaking the bank!

A Fresh Lick Of Paint

Probably the easiest – and cheapest – home improvement idea is to give your house a fresh coat of paint. Think about it for a second, how different your house can look if you freshen up the paint inside and out? Your house can literally be transformed, and all you’ve got to do is buy a bucket of paint and some brushes/rollers.

You can paint the inside or outside of your house, depending on what needs it. Last fall we painted the outside of the house. I was blown away by the difference it made.

And right now we’re in the process of painting every room downstairs a pretty gray color. But don’t think you have to paint every room in your house. You could just paint your living room and see a transformation.

New Energy Efficient Windows

Changing the windows in your home to something more modern is such a simple idea. New windows are noticeable outside your house as well as in. Immediately, you will improve your curb appeal!

There are places like Lakeside Exteriors that install energy efficient windows for your home. This allows you to use less energy, which will save money in the long run! 

We had new windows put in not too long ago. Our home was build in the early 1800s so the windows really needed updating. A few of them had already been done, but the majority of them hadn’t. I couldn’t open a single window in my living room before we upgraded. It was terrible!

But now I get an awesome breeze through the house, thanks to my energy efficient windows.

Affordable Home Remodel

Install A Dishwasher In The Kitchen

For me, kitchen remodels are the best. There are so many things you can do in a kitchen, and it’s super fun to completely rip up the script and try something different. Unfortunately, renovating a kitchen costs a lot of money. But, with this idea, you can do a very minor remodel that will improve your kitchen in more ways than one.

Sure, a dishwasher seems like a random idea, but hear me out. Immediately, you have something that can juxtapose the design of your cabinets and be used to match the flooring style or the design of your fridge. It can stand out and bring the whole kitchen together.

You also have the benefit of something that helps conserve water.  Much like the windows, it’s both an aesthetically pleasing and practical idea.

Feel like you can’t enjoy home improvements on a shoestring budget? Think again! Try these three ideas if you’re looking to slightly remodel your home without spending the big bucks.

What would you add to this list of affordable home remodeling ideas?

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