The Great Remodel Adventure – 5 Things I’ve Learned So Far

I’m not sure I’ve told you yet, but we are in the midst of remodeling our home. It was built in the 1800’s. Yes, it has had updates like adding electricity, windows with screens, and indoor plumbing, but some things still need work.

This summer my husband and I are taking time to redo the floors in the kitchen and mudroom, move some radiators around (we have radiator heat), paint, put in a dishwasher, move the washer and dryer from one room to another . . . the list goes on and on.

In our remodel adventure thus far, I’ve already learned a lot about keeping a house truly clean (hello behind the stove), and how simple maintenance can go a long way.

The Great Remodel Adventure

Like our own, your home is probably the biggest investment you’ve ever made, and so it is important (as I’m learning) that you give it the care and maintenance it needs. Unfortunately, there isn’t a home out there that doesn’t eventually get to a stage when it needs a bit of extra attention.

Has your home reached this point? Mine sure has. Below you’ll find the five things I’ve learned so far during this remodel.

Weird noises usually mean trouble

Your home is literally crying out for attention if you can hear squealing, clanging, and rattling. When furnaces (or radiators!) are not taken care of properly, they can start to make a racket.

Not only this, but you may start to hear a clanging sound from your air conditioning system if the parts have loosened. This can easily happen over time. The best thing to do is get these noises investigated as soon as possible, as they could be dangerous depending on the source.

New countertops are worth the investment

If you have worn countertops in your kitchen, I know how you feel. Ours used to be very dingy, but after we had a contractor come out and help us update it, it’s made all the difference in the world! I LOVE my kitchen now.  You can find out more about kitchen remodeling here –> 

Not only will new countertops make your kitchen look better, but this is the sort of investment that will boost the value of your property, which is always nice.

Mold and mildew require quick attention

If you have mold and mildew in your home, you definitely need to sit up and take notice. For a long time, we had a mold problem in our bathroom. We just couldn’t get rid of it. But after a super deep cleaning and some new paint, it’s gone!

Mold is a two-fold problem, it’s not just ugly, it’s dangerous. If mildew and mold are not treated quickly and effectively, they can have an adverse impact on the health of everyone in your home, especially kids.

Leaky pipes can be a quick and inexpensive fix – if you catch it early

We found a leaky pipe in our basement. Apparently, the pipe that leads to our spigot at the front of the house has been leaking for a while. A slow, steady drip over time can do big damage.

This could easily happen in your laundry room, bathroom or kitchen if there is too much water pressure in the system. It can also occur if pieces in your piping system are given some slack. You need to deal with this quickly, otherwise, it could lead to a much more expensive and troublesome problem.

We caught it early enough that it was a quick $46 fix for hubby to take care of.

The Great Remodel Adventure

Clutter is your (and my) worst enemy

I hate clutter. I just don’t function well when my surfaces are covered in random junk. (You can hear me talk all about this and what I do to prevent it in one of my sessions in the Homeschool Moms Convention called “Keeping the house clean AND homeschooling the children, it CAN happen!”)

By keeping up with the clutter, you will do your mind and home a world of goodYou can find some great tips on dealing with clutter here 

A few posts I’ve written that will help you keep up with the clutter in your home include:

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Do you do regular house maintenance? How do you practice preventative maintenance with your home?

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