How To Have A Nice Smelling Home

When you step through the door into your home, you don’t want to grimace at the smell that greets you, do you? You want to step into your home and be greeted by a welcoming scent that doesn’t make you want to scream and run back out the door again. Or that puts guests off from visiting your home, for that matter.

That’s why a vital part of homemaking is taking scents seriously. If you want to create a home that not only looks and feels welcoming but also smells incredible, you need to take scents seriously and take steps to give your home the best smell possible.

How to Have a Nice Smelling Home

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Wondering how you can do that? Below are some handy hacks and ideas for making sure that your home smells amazing all the time.

Keep the fresh air flowing

One of the most important steps when it comes to creating a home that always smells good is also the simplest: keep the fresh air flowing. If you want to create a home that smells nice, you need to let the stale air out and the fresh air in.

When you’re home and it’s safe to do so, open your windows and door, to let a nice refreshing breeze in. You’ll find that the more fresh air your home gets into it, the better it smells.

Combine scent methods

There are plenty of ways you can get scents into your home; there are candles, essential oils, reed diffusers, and potpourri bowls, among other methods. Instead of using just one method of scent infusing, you can combine various ones, to layer the scent that you have in your home. Be careful not to overwhelm, though. 

You’ve got lots of options to choose from when it comes to the scents you add and how you add them. It’s just a case of opting for the most effective methods, such as investing in a cold-air diffuser that automatically sprays a scent of your choice at scheduled intervals. (Aromatech is a brand that offers a range of these diffuser solutions – to learn more, visit their website and have a browse.)

Choose complimentary scents

One mistake you can make when it comes to having a nice smelling home is failing to incorporate scents that compliment each other. The fact is that you don’t want to overpower your home with a wide range of scents. I

Opt to incorporate just two or three scents into your home. Look for scents that would usually be paired together in candles and diffusers and opt for those scents, such as vanilla and rose, bergamot and orange, or lavender and vanilla. Vanilla is a good scent as it is sweet and simple, and tends to work well with a range of other scents.

There you have it, how to ensure that your home smells amazing all the time.

What do you do to keep things smelling fresh?

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