How We Homeschool Through the Summer

To homeschool through the summer is not as bad as it sounds. We believe homeschooling is a lifestyle, not something that happens at set times during the day. Learning is one of the most natural things in life, and therefore, the very idea that we should take a break from it during the most prolific months outdoors is absurd.

We learn while we watch and listen to the birds (ornithology.)  We learn when we observe the ants carry off our crumbs and head back to their colony (character study.) We learn as we “check the garden” each night to see what has bloomed or grown during the day (botany.)

You see? Teachable moments are all around us, especially in the summer.

How We Homeschool Through the Summer

How We Homeschool Through the Summer

Let me start by saying that we school year round, however, our official start and end of the school years is in September. We officially wrap up one year the first week of September, take two weeks off (we don’t do math during those two weeks – which is how the kids know it’s really a break. Ha!), and begin our next school year the last week of September.

The summer months do carry a lighter load than the rest of the year, primarily because we are spending so much time outside. We still have our morning routine and breakfast read alouds. Math is kept up but in a lighter fashion. Instead of striving to get through a certain number of pages, we call it quits after one.

We will generally take some time in the afternoons (often times outside at our picnic table) to read some of our current read aloud. We are a Sonlight family, so our learning is done primarily through literature and everyday life.

What We Use During the Summer Months

While we keep our math, Bible, and family read alouds during the summer, we trade in grammar, spelling, regular science, and writing for more nature-oriented materials. . .

For the rest of this post, join me over at Minnesota Country Girl where I have the privilege of guest posting for Summer in the Outdoors: A Homeschool Series of Gardening, Foraging & Nature Studies.

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