Leading by Example to Inspire Your Kids

Have you ever heard someone exclaim, ” I opened my mouth and my mother came out!”? It is so true! No matter how much we try not to be like our parents, we always end up like them, at least in some aspects.

While it may be hard to admit, most people turn out to be very similar to their parents once they reach adulthood. After spending decades under the same roof, we are bound to pick up some of their habits and behaviors and adopt them as our own.

Of course, this doesn’t mean we’re exactly like them. It means that we learned from them.

This is something I always try to keep in mind.

Our actions and words will be echoed far into the future through our children. 

What will your echo say?

Leading by Example to Inspire Your kids ThouShallNotWhine.com Homeschooling | Homeschool | Character

Leading by Example to Inspire Your Kids

There are many things I hope to pass on to my children. A love for the Lord, literature, and learning are a few.

I also hope to pass on responsible attributes like a good work ethic, being responsible with money, and extending grace to others.

A good work ethic

Even if you don’t enjoy housework, it’s important that your children always see you working hard at it. I think it’s also important to always be bettering ourselves. This could mean spending your free time learning, reading, or simply talking to your kids about the tasks you have to perform each day and letting them help. 

You could also offer some support when it comes to their own work. Getting together as a family to handle everyone’s schoolwork or chores can be a great way to inspire a strong work ethic going into the future.

Being responsible with money

Along with work, money is also a challenge for many people. Children will establish their own view of the value of money, and it’s up to us as their parents to make sure they are developing healthy and wise opinions of it.

If your children are older, you could teach them how to do some bigger things with money. Reading some Realty Mogul reviews or similar resources can help your adult children figure out which investment and earning opportunities are available, and what might be a good fit for them. 

We know that young people are like sponges. They soak up everything they see and hear.

One of the reasons I am so careful about what I let my children listen to and watch is because what goes in (ears and eyes) will come out (words and thoughts). 

This is especially true when it comes to us.

Giving others grace

 On more than one occasion, I’ve had the opportunity to extend grace to someone who was less than pleasant while we were out and about. Whether it be a grumpy cashier or a rude somebody pushing themselves past us, being an example to the kids about the right response to those situations is incredibly important. 

It also helps them deal with any bullies they encounter at co-op or the park. Bullies are only bullies because they don’t feel loved, someone else has been mean to them, or they’re crying out for attention. Whatever the case, teaching the kids to respond with love, no matter the circumstance, will be a life lesson well learned.

As homeschooling parents, we are their number one influence, let us pray we are a good one.

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