How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

When you come home from being away, how do you feel when you enter? Do you give a contented sigh or do you cringe? As wives, one of our responsibilities is to make the house feel like a home.

Here are a few simple ways I make our house feel like a home.

How to Make Your House Feel Like a Home

Keep the clutter to a minimum

Clutter is the enemy.

It distracts us. It frustrates us. And it hinders productivity. Keeping the counters clean and clutter-free is really one of the best things you can do for your home.

Having daily routines in place and teaching the kids to pick up after themselves are the best defenses against clutterRoutine is what grounds us, so start teaching them basic life skills when they’re young and it will stick with them into adulthood!

Candles or essential oils

The smell of your home is the first things people encounter when they come over. Of course, with several little kids, that smell isn’t always pleasant. In fact, many times people show up right after I change a poopy diaper. Thankfully, anyone I’m having over is well accustomed to the smell of freshly changed poop.

Having some candles lit or oils going in the diffuser not only helps control those kid-induced odors, they also help you relax.

My favorite oils to diffuse are bergamot, clary sage, patchouli, and lavender. Not all at the same time of course.

Fresh flowers

Don’t underestimate the power of fresh flowers! These beauties not only look nice, they also freshen up a room.

Encouraging music

Playing uplifting or worship music always improves the environment, plus it’s hard to have a bad attitude when you’re worshiping Jesus. Music playing also has the added bonus of promoting random dance parties with the kids!

Personal space

Having your own space to go when you need to rest or relax is so important. The same is true for the kids. When it comes to their bedrooms, if possible, let them make it the way they want it. A personalized space is comforting and they’re more likely to keep it clean!

Pest-free zone

And no, I’m not talking about the kids! I’ve told you before that we cycle through bug invasions throughout the year. Minor things like a few ants here and there are no big deal, but if the problem gets out of hand, finding some pest control leads could be beneficial.

It’s hard to feel at home when you’re overrun by creepy crawlies!

These are a few things I do to make our house feel like a home.

What would you add to the list?

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