The Power Of Posture (And How It Can Help Your Kids’ Health)

Did you know that “mom brain” is a real thing? It is. Your brain literally changes the moment your kids are born. You’re instantly hard-wired to protect the tiny life that you have helped create.

While this is a war that you fight on many fronts, you know the fight is well worth it. That’s one of the many reasons we choose to homeschool our kids.  It enables us to create a safe, loving environment where our kids can thrive without the many potential dangers of public school. As parents, we help to ensure that they get a holistic education that prepares them for the many opportunities and trials of adulthood.

The Power of Posture Kids Health

But as all parents know, there’s a whole lot more to preparing kids for adult life than book learning. We must also ensure that they are well nourished and know what they need to live a long, happy and healthy life. We must make sure that they stay active and enjoy a balance of activities so that they’re able to avoid the allure of the sofa and video games.

But perhaps the best advice we can give our kids is the trio of words that we heard from our own parents so often growing up . . .  Stand up straight!

Bad posture not only makes us look shorter, dumpier and more slovenly it can lead to a variety of health problems. The trouble is that over the course of years and decades we can develop bad habits that negatively influence our posture for the rest of our lives. And in doing so make us more vulnerable to a range of health problems like digestive issues, varicose veins, back pain and even heart disease.

Here are some ways we can ensure that our kids grow up with excellent posture, laying the foundations for good health.

Limit Sitting

No parent wants to raise a couch potato but few of us are really aware of just how ruinous hour after hour spent sitting can be for our health. Aside from limiting their physical activity, a day spent sitting can contribute to spinal curvature.

This curvature can place increased stress on internal organs and cause your kids to grow up more vulnerable to a range of health issues from heart disease to diabetes. While a little sofa time cuddling up together and watching movies or reading aloud can be a great way to bond, you don’t want to be spending all day on the couch. 

Mattresses matter

Although we can keep an eye on what our kids do when they’re awake, you could be forgiven for thinking that their health is out of our hands while they sleep. However, the mattress your child sleeps on can make a huge difference to their posture. Consider a mattress like the super waveless hardside mattress. This will support their body weight and give additional lumbar support for improved spinal health.

The Power of Posture Kids Health

Visit a chiropractor

I’ve been going to a chiropractor for years, but only recently have started taking my smaller children. I didn’t realize the benefit of them seeing the chiropractor too. My almost four-year-old has had a problem controlling her bladder for years. She’s my only child who ever had an issue with this. It was her problem that prompted me taking the kids with me.

She was a bit skittish about getting up on the table, but once she was up there, the process was done in under two minutes. He manipulated her spine quickly and we were ready to go. Can I tell you that she hasn’t had an accident since? By realigning her spine, her body was able to heal itself and function the way it’s supposed to.

The power of food

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said “Let food be thy medicine” and that advice is as true today as it was in 400 BC when he was alive. Ensuring that your kids get a diet rich in nutritious veggies can help to promote bone and muscle health to support posture. Make sure that they get lots of calcium and vitamin D for bone health, protein for muscle development, and avocados, nuts seeds and oily fish for joint mobility.

Keeping the junk to a minimum will also pave the way for the kids making healthy choices as adults. Because, let’s face it,  once they’re out of the house, we have a much smaller impact on their daily decisions. I’ve learned this lesson all too well this last year with Oscar being away at college. There were times he sought my guidance, but ultimately, everything was his decision.

Establishing healthy habits in our children when they are young is paramount. What healthy habits are you trying to instill in your children?

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