Unplugged Activities For Your Tween To Try This Summer

The tween age, from around nine years old until twelve years old, can be a tricky time. ‘Tweens’ don’t want to be babied, but at the same time, they are still too young to do a lot of things, especially by themselves. And unfortunately, in the day and age that we live, technology and electronics (gaming etc) can be a big pull for them.

For many children, this is around the age when they might even get their own phone or tablet. So when school is out and you have the summer to deal with, they can naturally choose devices rather than being outside or participating in a hobby.

So with summer here, you might be looking for some ideas, as well as age-appropriate chores for your tween. You know what they will be capable of and what they enjoy, so talk through some things with them.

Hopefully, these ideas will help.

Unplugged Activities For Your Tween To Try This Summer ThouShallNotWhine.com


A basic tool set can be pretty inexpensive to get your hands on or use any that you have at home that will be suitable for children. They could scout things out in the yard to use, like bark from a tree, or get some wood from a DIY store to sand or carve.


This is around the age that baking, where they pretty much take the lead, can be done. You could even go down the ‘no bake’ route if they want to do it all by themselves. Having something to show at the end of their hard work can be inspiring.

Small Business

If they have time on their hands over the summer, why not talk to them about ways they can make some money? Could they take dogs for a walk, feed someone’s cat who is on vacation, or collect an elderly neighbor’s mail each day for a small fee.

They could look to do these things unpaid too; you will know what kind of incentive they need.


Being outdoors is great for people of all ages, but especially if it is being outdoors and doing something active. Biking is great alone or with others. Family rides are always fun.

You could look at a site like Kids Ride Wild to see what the best-rated dirt bikes are for kids. The tween age is a good time to get them into this kind of thing if they are showing signs of enjoying motorsport.


Summer is the perfect time to be outdoors and finding some fun things to photograph. They could simply use an iPhone, or perhaps you have a family point and shoot camera to use.

They could practice different skills, as well as upload and edit the pictures and just have a play with the settings. The latter part is computer-based, but it will get them doing something and learning something new.

Have you got anything fun planned over summer? 

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