3 Lessons to Teach Kids About Protecting the Planet

The world as we know it is constantly changing and when you as a homeschooling parent, you get the opportunity to be out in the world and see these changes at face value. The trend with the world is balanced between positive and negative, with things like evolution with technology being positive, and the way that we burn fuels for the negative.

Environmentalists and many individuals who are witnessing the changes in our planet often ask how we have allowed things to get so bad, especially when you read stories about sea creatures swallowing plastic waste and how out rainforests are being leveled.

Teaching our children about nature and the resources that they are using is so important. Children are naturally curious about the world, and they will learn from you how to manage waste and recycling.

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The best way that you can teach your children is to make your management of your waste fun and part of your everyday lessons. Here are three lessons to teach your children about protecting the planet.

3 Lessons to Teach Kids About Protecting the Planet ThouShallNotWhine.com

Food Choices Matter

Many children get their dinner on their plate and have no idea where it all comes from. It’s up to you to take them to where their food is grown, teach them to grow their own and educate them about the process of animals being raised for meat.

A great way to teach them about their food is to start your own vegetable garden and raise some chickens for their eggs. You can then start to teach them about how to cook their meals, composting the peelings and recycling the packaging. Lots of lessons right there from one topic.

Water Waste

There is a lot of water that gets wasted by the simple running of the bath. If you’re teaching your children the way that water impacts the planet, why we can’t just drain the oceans for fresh water and how the waste of water impacts our daily lives, you’re going to be winning.

Your children need to grow up in a world where water is seen as precious, especially as some children in the world do not have the luxury of clean and fresh water.

Buy Smart

Our planet needs protecting, so teaching our children why we shouldn’t be buying wildlife products is essential. These include skin, teeth and bones and even certain feathers. Encourage children to respect wildlife and their homes. This can help to foster a lasting compassion for creatures great and small.

Your children are going to have hold of this planet one day. Teaching them how to care for it from a young age is essential.

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