4 Things You Only Learn When You Move Home

Everyone knows moving home is a big deal and it’s stressful, but not everybody understands why. It’s something which is true yet you have to experience to get the full force of the impact. And, until you do it, you’ll never truly understand.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, you’re in the process of selling up and moving onto pastures new. Congrats and good luck. But, before you start patting yourself on the back, you may want to do some research. After all, learning about the pitfalls of moving will help you avoid them in the not-too-distant future.

Here are the things you only learn when you move properties. 

4 Things You Only Learn When You Move Home ThouShallNotWhine.com

Your Home Is A Mess

Not only is it a mess, but it’s also getting in the way of the process. For one thing, dirty properties don’t sell because they make a bad first impression. Secondly, it adds to the work if a buyer does make an offer. And, thirdly and most importantly, it adds to the cost.

Moving is expensive anyway, yet an untidy house means you have to hire cleaners and pay them to get it spotless. The people at www.wrenrealtyinc.com point out you may need to do repairs before the sale can go through, which aren’t cheap. A home always looks okay until you start moving furniture and clearing out drawers.

The Date Is Never Right

“Okay Mr. and Mrs. Smith, everything is fine on this end and the sale should go through soon. You can expect to have the keys to your new property in a few days.” Some banks even set a date to get your hopes up. Unfortunately, the time comes and goes and there is no word from the lender. Now you are left in the position where you have to find a place to live. Yep, it does mean moving in with parents, heaven forbid!

Labels Are Your Friend

Up until this point, you’ve never had much time for labels. It’s not that you don’t like them; more you’ve never needed them. During a move, you will have a stack of them ready and waiting to go and you may even have a gun. Why? It’s because there are too much stuff and too many boxes to keep track of. When they arrive at the new house, there is no way to tell what is in each container. Labels make it obvious so that you don’t have to spend hours sorting through stuff. You can pick out the essentials and deal with everything else later.

Things Break

No matter how much cellophane and bubble wrap you use, there will be cracks and chips and fissures. Sadly, it’s part and parcel (no pun intended) of the experience. Removal services aren’t known for their light fingers and tend to throw stuff in the truck without a second thought. Www.bournesmoves.com recommends researching the topic to find the right insurance policy in case of damages.

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