5 Mistakes People Make When Setting Their House Up For Homeschooling

Setting up the right environment is so important when you’re homeschooling your kids. Preparing the house for homeschooling is often easier said than done and people can end up making a lot of mistakes. If you’re trying to set your house up for homeschooling, these are the areas where you’re most likely to be going wrong.

Using A Tiny Room

People often try to fit their homeschooling area in a small room so it’s not taking up too much space in the rest of the house. But it’s not like creating an office in a spare room, you need to recreate multiple learning environments in the home. It also needs to be comfortable for the kids, otherwise, it won’t be an effective learning environment. That’s why you should pick a larger room or set up a few different rooms for different uses. Having enough space is the first step to success when you’re creating the perfect homeschooling space.

Not Considering Safety

You’ll be in the room with them most of the time but you’ll still have to leave them unattended occasionally. There are some dangers that are specific to schooling so you need to make sure that you’re up to date with home safety recommendations for kids. For example, you might be using scissors or solvent based glue for some things, in which case you need to lock them away in a childproofed drawer so they can’t get at them.

Not Having A Play Area

Playing is an important part of schooling for children, it’s not all about tests and grades. It’s important that they remain social because it helps their development. That’s often one of the biggest challenges for the parents of homeschooled children. Having a play area in the house that they can use during the school day and have friends over will really help you out here. Don’t make your homeschooling set up about exams and nothing else.

Not Using Technology

Access to computers is important in any learning environment these days. It’s especially important for homeschoolers because a lot of the lessons are conducted online. So much education is based around technology these days so if you’re not considering it when you set up your homeschooling area, your kids might be at a disadvantage. Don’t think that you can just get by with the family computer, you’ll need computers specifically for schooling and you should get a printer as well so you can print out worksheets and things for your lessons.

Using The Wrong Colors

Different colors inspire different reactions in people so you need to be careful which colors you choose for your learning area. The best colors to use are blue, which encourages productivity and helps with concentration, and yellow which helps to boost energy levels.

If you can avoid these mistakes when you’re designing your homeschool learning area, your children will learn more effectively.

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