A Culinary Trip Around The Best Restaurant In Each State A-M

If there are two things families love doing together more than anything else in the whole wide world it’s eating and traveling. They’re the top two contenders dancing atop the podium. Which is why we think you should combine the two and go on a culinary two of our great nation because, if there is one thing that really can make America great again, it’s the abundance of delicious restaurants we get to pop in to.

We know it can be tricky to get away as a family, which makes you think there’s no way you can even consider a vacay. But it’s so super-duper important to try to get away at least once a year, and that’s what got us thinking: why not fling a stone and hit two birds?

Why not embrace a wanderlust adventure and make your taste buds fizz and flip at the same time? Why not go on a good old culinary tour of the US of A?

Not only will this be a fantastic chance to spend some quality time together as a family squad where you get to enjoy a large dollop of bonding and have a good old catch up, you can do so over the mouthwatering delights of great grub, which is one of the most amazing memory-makers out there.

That’s why we’ve gone and done a bit of digging, started snooping around and trawled all the top review sites to see which is the best restaurant in each state from A through to M. So, without further ado, here is the ultimate guide to munching your way around most of Uncle Sam’s backyard. Enjoy.

A Culinary Trip Around The Best Restaurant In Each State A-M

Alabama: The Forge Pizzeria in Foley

It might not have been open long enough to blow out three candles on a cake yet, but this place has fast gotten a reputation for being the best pizza in the country thanks to its wood-fired brick oven. Not to mention the staff always get a lot of praise on Yelp too.

Alaska: Club Paris, Anchorage

Anywhere you can get your chops around a four-inch thick Filet Mignon is going to get a look in, and that’s exactly what this place is famed for. What’s even more amazing is the setting. This restaurant resides in a former funeral parlor that stands to attention in Downtown Anchorage, dating back to the 1920s, making it the oldest steakhouse in Alaska.

Arizona: Lola Empanada, San Tan Valley

Sat in the middle of the desert is one of the eatery-gems of the century; an almost hidden place that knows how to cook some of the most delicious foods ever to fall onto your tongue. Seriously, have a look at their reviews and you’ll find people are going nuts for their flaky and crispy empanadas.

Arkansas: One Eleven At The Capital, Little Rock

If you’re up for going somewhere a little fancy for once, dressing your little ones up in a shirt and shiny shoes, then make sure it’s to this place. The interior is breathtaking and the food is so artisan you won’t know what hit you. It’s super-special (apparently).

California: The Old Clam House, San Francisco

There are a view famous places in this great state, such as Musso & Frank’s in the world-famous Hollywood. But it’s The Old Clam House in Bayview that seems to really feel the love. It’s just so iconic. The sign, the clam on the roof, and it’s the oldest restaurant to be sat in the same location in this city too.

Colorado: Turtle Boat, Denver

Turtle Boat has quickly become one of Colorado’s most celebrated restaurants, and it’s a stand-out winner online where people can’t praise it enough, especially if you are looking for a lunchtime bite because this spot is quick, pretty on price, healthy, and always high-quality.

Connecticut: Louis’ Lunch, New Haven

If you went online and asked Google who invented the modern-day hamburger, you would come across a whole lot of fake news. Thankfully, the Library of Congress cleared up the matter by declaring it was Louis’ Lunch. And they’re still using the same technique, of popping their patties into the original cast-iron grills and blasting them with fire. Very cool.

DC: Occidental Grill & Seafood, Washington

Based on what we’ve seen in House of Cards, DC is full of power-people, and this is where those power-people go out to refuel on ribeyes and scallops.

Delaware: Deer Park Tavern, Newark

This one is as simple as they come. It’s a place that every generation of locals celebrates, knowing its history is up there with the most prestigious.

Florida: Fresh Catch Fish Market & Grill, Sarasota

This is the only place you will ever need or want to go if you love fresh fish, where the menu changes daily depending on what they catch that morning. Amazing.

Georgia: H&H Soul Food, Macon

When people think of Georgia, their mind probably dances to the musical history of this state. It’s where hip-hop took off, and H&H Soul Food is where these young and broke artists would go to eat when they were still climbing the scene. It shut down for a bit, but it’s back again. Oh, and Oprah has eaten here.

Hawaii: Tonkatsu Tamafuji, Honolulu

The best katsu in the world according to the connoisseurs out there. Yes, reviews will tell you there’s usually a queue, but read on a bit further and you’ll also read that the food makes every minute worth the wait. “It’s the bomb.”

Idaho: Hudson’s Hamburgers, Coeur D’Alene

We were tempted to put SushiSushi down, but the kids wouldn’t let that fly. No way. Which is fine by us because what’s not to go crazy about when you’re presented with the all-American meal of Burgers & Fries.

Illinois: La Nonna, Chicago

With Gene & Jude’s and Alinea scoring some pretty tasty comments online, this was definitely no easy state to hand a winner, but we decided to give it to La Nonna, where people seemed to praise the food, rave about the atmosphere, lap up the music and worship the staff.

Indiana: St. Elmo Steak House, Indianapolis

One of the hardest things to achieve in the restaurant game is longevity, especially nowadays with so many fresh and fabulous eateries popping up out of nowhere. Yet, even at 100-plus years old, St. Elmo Steak House manages to remain relevant and more popular than ever.

Iowa: Northwestern Steakhouse, Mason City

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. But when in Iowa, do as the Greeks do, trust us on that. We know this may sound a little strange, but this steakhouse, which has been around since the 1920s, does all its steaks Greek-style and they are impossibly good.

Kansas: Hong Kong Star Restaurant, Olathe

If you’ve got a place in your belly that’s reserved for Chinese food, then you are going to absolutely love this spot because it is as authentically Chinese as anywhere on earth.

Kentucky: Jack Fry’s, Louisville

This is that place you eat before, after and during the Kentucky Derby, and every other day of the year if you are into racing.

Louisiana: Zorbas, Lafayette

This place is a hidden gem that does – hands down – the best gyros ever. That’s pretty much a fact in these parts.

Maine: Coffee ME Up, Portland

Get your breakfast right and the rest of your day will dazzle, which is why every neighborhood needs to have a Coffee ME Up where you get to slurp on the best coffee ever and indulge in breakfast sandwiches worth writing home about.

Maryland: Ocean Pride, Lutherville

Let’s get straight to it on this one shall we: Marylanders love seafood more than most people, and the best place to indulge in that love is Ocean Pride, where everything is fresh, from their crabs to their rockfish.

Massachusetts: Roadworthy, Dedham

When you’re on a road trip, you are inevitably gonna stop at some truck-style places to grab a bite. Well, this place has reinvented those vibes with some super-delicious foods and a creative menu.

Michigan: Roast, Detroit

Roast has gained a reputation for being the best steakhouse in the state of Michigan and a heaven for all carnivores.

Minnesota: Brunson’s Pub, Saint Paul

Relatively new but unbelievably good, which is pretty novel for anyone specializing in what’s just pub food. Go here and you’ll be hit with nothing but high-quality wow.

Mississippi: Mayflower Cafe, Jackson

The locals rave about it. The popular redfish is incredible, as are the shrimp, oysters and sauteed soft-shell crab it’s served with. It’s seafood heaven.

Missouri: Lonas Lil Eats, St. Louis

Lonas Lil Eats is just amazing and that’s partly because they are home to the original homemade rice paper wrap. Eat in or take-out, it doesn’t matter – they do fresh Asian cuisine with a soul-food flare that will blow your mind.

Montana: Grand Union Hotel, Fort Benton

If you’ve ever been to this little town, you will already know Fort Benton is so old and iconic that a good dollop of it is a historic district, and it’s all thanks to that rich history of steamboats it has. But another big part of that history is The Grand Union Hotel, a place that’s bagged a spot on the National Registry of Historic Places because it was actually established seven years before Montana was even declared a state.

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