Easy Ways To Make Your Family Home Appealing

Moving into a house, more often than not, means that you want to spend a few years there, raising a family and spending time making memories. You often can’t make memories in a house that is empty and devoid of decoration, right?

So, over time you make your changes and upgrades and you make those memories that you want to build, and you start to outgrow your home a little. The kids have grown up and started to move on, and the family home that you once bought starts to get too big for you.

The logical thing to do next is to sell up and downsize to something that fits your needs, but not everyone wants to go down that route.

When you have spent years making a house a home and falling in love with every imperfection, the idea of selling that home – with the growth lines on the doorframes and the ceiling scratches from that one time you misjudged how tall the Christmas tree was – seems impossible.

Selling a house isn’t always a sure thing, either, so you could go through the time and effort to seek out an agent to value your home, hire a real estate agent and get it on the market, to hunt out that dream luxury house for sale, only to get no bites. It’s disheartening, and it comes down to how much you truly want to sell your house and move on.

If you really want it to happen, you’ll make it so and make your home stand out to get you there.

The housing market is overloaded with people wanted to downsize, upgrade, buy older homes for a vintage touch, buy newer homes for a modern look. Wherever you look there are people who want to buy a home and have it be everything that they need for the rest of their lives.

Look at the house that you are trying to sell and work out whether you would buy your home as an outsider right now. If your eyes are landing on a messy, cluttered and outdated space, then your prospective buyers are going to feel the very same way. You need to make your home sellable, attractive and something that people will step into and want to be in.

The trick to this is usually making your home clean, neutral and make it a space that someone will step into and think, ‘this is it’, just like you did once. The following tips can make this happen for you.

Easy Ways To Make Your Family Home Appealing ThouShallNotWhine.com

Personal Stuff

There is nothing a buyer wants to see less than your wedding photos, baby photos and children’s certificates for swimming excellence. You need to strip your home and get rid of as much personal clutter as possible. T

The house has to look homely but in a show home kind of way. Buyers like to picture themselves in your home and they can’t do that if you leave out the wedding photos.


Similarly, piles of stuff on the tables and old jackets thrown over the sofa are a big no-no. Clutter distracts from the buyers from looking at the actual space of the room and keeps them looking at all the bad things about the space that you have.

A messy house does not sell and if yours is covered in clutter, don’t bother putting it up on the market yet.

Bright & Bold

That project you did for your hallway when you first moved in, the one that required masking tape and a LOT of fluorescent paint? Well, it’s time to paint over it.

The thing is, buyers may not be anything like you, which means you need to get out the paints and make the space neutral. Going for white or cream will open the rooms, no matter how big or small they are.

Old Hardware

Lighting fixtures and door handles need to be current and trendy unless the house is a Victorian build and they are original features. The good thing is that updating the hardware in your house isn’t an expensive job and you can do it for a few dollars.

Light switch plates aren’t expensive, and you can easily change over door handles and drawer knobs.

Bad Smells

Living in a rowdy house of kids and pets over the years can give your home a scent that while pleasing to you, is not something the buyers of your home want to sniff out. Addressing issues with the smell of pets in the home is important so that people don’t capture that wet dog smell as they walk into the house.

Have the pets out of the house when you show around buyers, and do everything you can to tackle stains caused by pets and odors caused by pets – from food to actual animal – before they come to view the space.

This is the same idea with spices. Clean the ceilings and repaint them if you must; no one wants to view a yellowed ceiling in the home.

Dirty Floors

Not one buyer will walk into a house that hasn’t been cleaned and think it’s a good buy. They want to see that you have put effort into your house and cleaning is the very basic that your house needs to look good to others. Get the scrubbing brushes out and get cleaning; you’ve got your work cut out for you!

Selling a house takes time and you have to be ready for anything when it comes to making upgrades. Once you sell, it’s time to be the buyer and house hunt for yourself.

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