Maximizing Seating In A Small Space

It’s one of those issues that larger families have, but seating can be a total nightmare. A small house is a quaint and beautiful thing to have, but when you have a lot of bodies in that house it can be a bit difficult getting everyone seated comfortably to watch a film or even just to socialize. Maximising seating in a smaller house means getting clever with it.

There are plenty of furnishing and decorating tricks that you can do to make your seating area somewhere amazing for the entire family – especially so that no one is left standing uncomfortably!

Maximizing Seating In A Small Space

So, what can you do this year to give everyone somewhere to sit?

Scale It

You need to scale your furniture to fit a smaller room, so choosing a giant corner suite isn’t going to work when you need to all sit in a small space. Scale your montgomery’s furniture down.

Install shelves on the walls high up for books rather than take up floor space with bookcases. This can help to free up some floor space for small armchairs or settees.

Window Seating

The space beneath your window, especially if you have a box window, is prime space to install a window seat. You can add storage into that seat and top it with cushions, meaning you’ve got a comfortable space for two or more people to sit. When not in use, you can use it as a storage space.


If you’ve not heard of them, lounge ottomans are an amazing piece of storage. You can use them as a coffee table, and these can double as a second seat in the room when you have guests. They’re sturdy and they work as a space to put drinks and snacks during parties.

Foldable Seating

Folded chairs that can be stored in a cupboard are the perfect solution when you have people visiting and nowhere to put anything permanent. When people leave the room, the seating can be stored away which creates more space again.


Large floor pillows make for a great temporary seating space when you have a large family, and you can really lounge on these. They’re versatile and they can be stored in the window seat when not in use.

It’s not easy to organize seating when you only have a small space to work with but getting creative can help you to really stretch out and make it easier for the entire family.

If you have the money, moving to a house with enough room for everyone is an obvious solution, but it isn’t always possible for everyone to just up and move like that. Take your time and choose the seating that will fit your space and your family nicely; there’s no other way you can force there to be room unless you decide to build a conservatory or extend the room you are using. Of course, this is an option, but why not maximize the space you have, instead?

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