Why an Overseas Vacation Can Be a Great Education for Your Kids

Homeschooling is an incredibly rewarding journey for both parents and their kids. It allows them to create a curriculum that not only satisfies the criteria for your kids passing their SATs but also satisfies their personal, social and spiritual needs. Parents who homeschool can put together a bespoke curriculum that’s designed to suit their kids as individuals.

When educated at home, students learn about the things that are important to them, their lives, their prospective future careers and any areas where their knowledge and understanding needs further development. Homeschool parents are ideally placed to give their kids the perfect education that’s just right for them . . . But that doesn’t stop them from being plagued by self-doubt and insecurity.

Every teacher worth their salt agonizes over whether they’re doing everything they can for their students. Whether they’re responding to their needs as effectively as possible or if the curriculum they provide truly allows them to shine and emerge from the chrysalis of learning a well rounded, knowledgeable and skilled young adult.

For parents, of course, this is compounded as, unlike regular teachers, if we make a bum steer in preparing our kids for the adult life we will be forced to face the consequences for as long as we live. Those who choose to homeschool their kids recognize the importance of a holistic need for education which strikes that difficult balance between playing to your kids’ strengths to give them confidence while also giving them the sense of challenge and adventure that they need to grow. 

Why an Overseas Vacation Can Be a Great Education for Your Kids ThouShallNotWhine.com

Some of the most effective learning takes place out of doors

Classroom learning is all well and good, but some of the most effective and meaningful learning experiences take place outside of our comfort zone, in unfamiliar surroundings where we must rely on our wits, skills, and intuition to navigate unfamiliar locations and situations. This is a big part of why international travel is so important for kids.

Sure, vacation time is a time that’s best spent relaxing and having fun somewhere fun, different and new but it can also be extremely edifying and surprisingly educational for your kids when you take your family for an overseas adventure.

They will more receptive to different experiences

Sure, the traditional vacation in Florida or the slopes of Aspen is all well and good and can certainly be a fun and rewarding experience. However, international travel encourages kids to engage their brains in a variety of different ways which just don’t get exercised at home.

Because they are surrounded by unfamiliar people, places, topography, languages, and culture, they assimilate more knowledge from their environment. The unfamiliar sights, sounds, smells and tastes make them (and us) feel more alert, awake and alive. It’s easy to see how this cognitive awakening can benefit their learning inside and outside the classroom.

They will become more comfortable with foreign languages

Language skills are incredibly important. But teaching kids a foreign language can be tricky, especially if you’re less than comfortable with the language in question. Language skills can open up a plethora of job and career opportunities and enable our kids to travel the world with a sense of ease and confidence as adults.

The trouble is that language skills can be hard to assimilate in the classroom, especially when you, their teacher, are unfamiliar with the subtleties of tone, inflection, and syntax that make languages tricky for monolingual young minds to grapple with.

The earlier kids are exposed to other languages in their “natural habitat”, the better they are able to learn and develop an affinity for languages that will open a range of new doors for them in teenage and adulthood.

They will be much less picky eaters

How many times have you had to negotiate with your kids to get them to eat their greens? How often do you struggle to get your youngest to engage with foods in different colors rather than the beige fast food that kids crave? The beauty of international travel is that it’s a great culinary eye-opener for young kids.

Sure, there may well be the odd McDonalds or Pizza Hut here and there, but local cuisine will be much easier to find. Not only will this likely be much healthier, being made from locally sourced, GM-free ingredients, it will also help to eliminate fussy eating habits which drive all parents crazy.

They will learn about different cultures, histories, and customs

Learning about other nations, and immersing yourself in their cultures, traditions, and history is a hugely beneficial experience. It helps them to grow up with a healthy respect of other people’s cultures, politics, and viewpoints, however much they may differ from their own.

Check out the quality of discourse between people who disagree on social media and you’ll get a good idea of why this is so important. Not only is learning about and experiencing other cultures extremely edifying and a whole lot of fun, it helps to make us more well-rounded adults.

They might want to relocate when they grow up

Who knows? Maybe they’ll fall in love with a destination so hard that they’ll want to live there. The prospect of a son or daughter moving abroad may not be a prospect that many parents relish but it can give your kids a huge inside track. Who knows what the domestic job and property market will look like when our kids are at graduate age?

They may have far more luck looking at property for sale in Malaysia than at home. While we may miss them, there may well be better career opportunities, a healthier lifestyle and more affordable homes for them overseas.  

Finally… Whatever their learning style, they can benefit

Kids all learn in different ways when they react to different stimuli. Most kids have a bias between auditory (learning through verbal instruction), visual (learning by seeing) and kinesthetic (learning by doing). However your kids learn best, traveling overseas is an immersive learning experience which will cater to their individual learning style and needs.

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