Simple Bible Study for Young Children (Review)

Bible study is one of those things that can be hard to incorporate with small children. However, we’ve recently been using Bible Study Guide For All Ages with our four, six, and seven-year-olds, specifically, we’ve been using the Primary (1st & 2nd grade) level, which has been very effective and very easy to use.

Bible Study for Young Students

In our set, we received . . .

Simple Bible Study for Young Children

We received unit 1, lessons 1 to 26 pages for the first quarter.

Ideally, you’d do the pages two to four times per week. The lessons are on one page, front and back.

Each lesson includes an interactive Bible lesson, long and short-term reviews, memory work, maps, a timeline and application activities to help the kids really understand the content.

Teacher Guide

The teacher book guides you through the whole lesson. The review system, memory work, interactive Bible story, application activities, Bible drills, timeline and map drills and more are all included with verbatim speech options.

Seriously, they couldn’t have made it easier for you.

Bible Book Summary Cards

Each of the 66 flashcards has one or more pictures on the front that represent the main content or message of the Bible book. On the back of each card, you’ll find a brief description that explains the picture, questions for you to ask when reviewing with the cards.

Wall Timeline & Maps

The large timeline and maps are a fun addition to the lessons. As you learn about people, events, and place, you add full-color, removable pictures and names, helping students put the current lesson in the context of the overall story of the Bible (the concept of time is always tricky with kids.)


I absolutely enjoy the wall maps. The kids randomly walk over to it and retell the stories they’ve learned based on the current pictures and names up there.

Wall Maps & Timeline Label Book

The Label Book shows you how to use the Wall Maps and Time Line and contains all the labels for the first 104 lessons. The Label Book makes it easy to find and remove the labels you need. It also contains pictorial keys so you know where to place each label.

Labels are made of full-color, sturdy card stock and may be placed on the Wall Maps and Time Line with reusable adhesive putty. I bought some Handitak for ours, as you’ll see in the video below.

Here’s a video review of the Bible Study products.

So what did we think?

I love, love the concept of this style of Bible study. The lessons really stick with the kids (I think) because of the high visual aspect of the product. We will definitely continue to use Bible Study Guide for All Ages.

I appreciate that you can use this with a wide range of ages. There aren’t too many Bible study products out there that allow you to use this with 4, 6, and 7-year-olds like we are.

The kids are enjoying the lessons, which makes them easy to teach and get through. Because it’s summer right now, we’re doing 2-3 lessons per week. Once we get back into school full swing, we’ll do them more like 3-4 times per week.

Aside from the cheap production of the student pages and teacher guide, I’m absolutely over the moon with this product and highly recommend it to homeschooling families everywhere.

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