Smart Kidz Radio (Review)

Smart Kidz Radio is a free online radio station, geared toward kids, with a variety of programming options. Smart Kidz Radio is the latest product from Smart Kidz Media.

Smart Kids Radio

The Smart Kidz Radio Station is all about helping children learn valuable life skills and helping them build positive self-esteem. The radio station also promotes the development of positive character traits and strong moral values.

Smart Kidz Radio
Sensoring what the kids take in is a full-time job. From TV shows and movies to books and radio, the media seems to be making a constant assault on my children’s senses.

I tell them frequently that what goes in (eyes and ears) will come out (thoughts and words) and this is why we must be vigilant about what we allow ourselves to take in.

Smart Kidz radio is a wonderful option for worry-free listening time. Of course, you could always use a CD or playlist on Pandora or Spotify, but the difference is Smart Kidz Radio is geared toward children with intentional songs and podcasts that build children up.

Always available podcasts

Aside from the kid-friendly radio, Smart Kidz also offers fun podcasts that can be listened to anytime. The podcasts are basically like short story times.

Some of the kids’ favorite podcast stories include:

  • The Tortoise and the Hare
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider
  • The Sharing Song
  • Little Red Riding Hood

There are many more to choose from.

Smart Kids Radio

Listen anywhere/anytime

Because the radio is on-demand and live streaming, you can literally listen to either the podcasts or radio anytime. If you have an aux hook up in your vehicle, you can even listen through your speakers.

Smart Kidz Radio is also a good choice for quiet time or while doing household chores.

We’ve not been able to try out any of On Demand options yet, but there is a growing library of content that can be accessed with a monthly subscription.  When you first get to the website, scroll down to see the different options.

With their radio streaming technology, the songs and stories can be accessed on all devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, and any other mobile device that has a Wi-Fi connection.

Be sure to check them out. Free, kid-friendly radio? Yes, please!

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