Top Travel Destinations the Whole Family Will Enjoy

You might think you’re way too busy to even consider a holiday, but it’s important to try to plan at least one getaway a year. It’s a fantastic chance to spend some quality time together and have a good old catch up. Not only that, though, but it also gives you a week or so away from work and school so that you can relax and recharge.

However, once you start traveling as a family, you quickly find out that what you and your partner want from a destination isn’t exactly the same as what your kids may want. But as you look for a family-friendly destination, you’ll find there are many things to see and do that you and the kids will enjoy.

Top Travel Destinations The Whole Family Will Enjoy


Ok, so Ecuador might not be the first place that springs to mind whenever you think of a family holiday, but it’s actually a really great place to go right now and can be relatively cheap to visit. As long as you find a hotel in Quito, the country’s capital city, you will be well-placed for a lot of big sights and attractions. It will also be easy to get into the surrounding countryside where the kids can enjoy many different activities, such as kayaking, zip lining, and cycling.

Lapland, Finland

If you fancy a winter getaway, there is no better place than Lapland. Just remember to pack winter clothes as it sure does get cold in Finland in the winter! When most families head to Lapland, they book a package trip so that their accommodation and activities are all included. Most packages are themed and aimed at children.


If you prefer the idea of a warm holiday, then you might want to look into visiting Mexico. I know several families who book into the all-inclusive resorts that you can find across the country. Since they are all-inclusive, you don’t have to worry about buying anything to eat or drink while you are there – it’s all included in your accommodation fee! Plus, most resorts have some great kids clubs so you will never hear the kids complain about being bored.

Orlando, Florida

You don’t have to travel far for a great family holiday. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the country! If your family loves theme parks, you might just want to spend a week in Orlando, Florida and visit the likes of Universal Studios Florida, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. What’s more, as it’s Florida, you are pretty much guaranteed great weather!

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