Apologia High School Health (Review)

For the past few weeks, Julia has been using a brand new health program from Apologia Educational Ministries – Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition by Dr. Laura Chase.

The course can be done three days per week and completed in one year or done daily (five days per week) and completed in one semester. I received the Health and Nutrition Basic Set, which includes a hard-cover textbook and a spiral, consumable student notebook.

I find it interesting that the textbook is only available in the set. You cannot purchase it alone.

Apologia High School Health

Apologia High School Health ThouShallNotWhine.com

The textbook begins with a module (chapter) that defines health, genetics, and temperament. Julia got a kick out of the temperament test. It’s something like a personality test, but more internal.

The other modules include:

  • Physical Influences on Thoughts and Feelings (nervous and endocrine systems, brain illnesses, and health professions)
  • Mental and Emotional Stability (mental health, decision making, barriers to thinking deeply, attention and distraction, autism spectrum)
  • Interpersonal Harmony (culture, gender roles, family, friends)
  • Treasuring Your Senses (eyes and vision, ears and hearing, touch, taste, electrical safety)
  • Processing Nourishment and Hydration (digestion, GERD, urination)
  • Food Science I (macronutrients)
  • Food Science II (micronutrients)
  • Delivering the Oxygen (respiratory system, cardiovascular system)
  • Let’s Move (bone development, muscles, tendons, joints)
  • At War with Infection (skin, lymphatic system, immunization choices)
  • Reproduction ( male and female reproductive systems, marriage, pregnancy, birth)
  • and more!

If you have used Apologia in the past then the conversational tone of the textbook will be familiar to you. There are excellent images, Think About This boxes, and projects that go along with the accompanying student notebook.

As you saw above, the reproductive systems and other various subjects pertaining to them are covered in the text. The photos and content provided on the sensitive subject are well done. While the concepts are fully explained, they are not done so in an explicit manner.

Juia is doing the text over the course of a year and has made her way through the first three modules.

The Student Notebook has been her best friend while going through the text. It contains the On Your Own questions that are found throughout each chapter, projects, note-taking pages, tests, and more.

As the parent/teacher, I greatly appreciate that it keeps all the information in one central place. The notebook will essentially be serving as a record for her completing this course.

I also appreciate the fact that this course is designed with the independent student in mind. Aside from grading tests, there really is no work for me. It’s awesome.

When asking Julia her opinion, she had this to say,

I like the questions, the projects specifically. The wording is easy to follow, even when there is a lot of infomation. And even though there are a lot of techincal and medical terms, the text makes them easy to understand.

I especially like having all the bank note-taking pages in the notebook.

The course contains real subjects that matter in life. It’s not just a science book, it’s a helpful guide to life.

After talking with her about her opinions of the course, her last comment surprised me, but she’s right. It may be called health and nutrition, but it’s much, much more than that. There’s practical advice strung throughout the text that is very applicable to life.

For example, on page 42 of the notebook . . . One piece of advice often given to newlyweds is “Don’t take seriously any criticism made by your spouse in the hour before dinner, after you’ve eaten often the disaggrement will go away.”

This couldn’t be more accurate. Most problems don’t seem as bad after you’ve eaten something. The problem could just be that you’re hangry!

She and I both really like this program. In fact, sometimes I find her reading the text in her free time. She just really enjoys reading it!

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