Are Your Rooms Showing Signs Of Damage?

Your house is a well-loved and well-used part of your life. You’ve got kids in every room, a kitchen to bring the whole family together in, a living room to play games and sit and chat in, and maybe you’ve turned the basement into an activity room to keep your kids educated and entertained. And that’s all well and good, but are your rooms looking a little shoddy these days, no matter what you do to clean them up?

There’s a lot of work and strain you can put your house through, so take the time now to break out the clipboard and start a checklist of the areas in your house that seem damaged. Here are some common signs to look out for.

Are There Water Stains?

You could just think it’s natural wear and tear, but even the slightest hint of water damage can cause your ceiling to collapse or any mounted wall features to fall straight onto the floor.

Be on the lookout for these in any room on the top floor that’s underneath the attic, and any room downstairs that has the bathroom over it. Water damage can be very extensive once it gets going, so you need to make sure there’s no sign of a darkened area on any of your walls that could indicate it’s seeped into the bricks and foundation.

Are the Bathroom Tiles a Little Grungy?

If they are, there’s a good chance you’ve overused the integrity of your current bathroom. Sure, you can just retile the place or try to powerwash the grime off, but if this is the fourth or fifth time you’ve done so, you might need a more permanent solution to a problem that just keeps cropping up. And with an entire family traipsing in and out, you’re going to need something heavy-duty too.

And that’s where companies such as Remcon Design Build can help you out. You’ve been on the lookout for a bathroom refitting for a while now… this is the perfect chance to shill out for one!

If you are interested in finding out how to clean your bathroom, you should read this guide.

Is There Peeling Paint?

Particularly around your windows and doors? This is a sign your rooms aren’t insulated properly, and there’s a good chance you’ve got damp. At the same time, if the windows and doors aren’t fitted correctly, all kinds of bad air and toxins could be leaking into your home atmosphere, making it take a turn for the worst. Not to mention the money you’re wasting on heating that’s just leaking out!

If you have wallpaper instead of paint, if it’s bubbling or crinkling around the edges of the room or at the bottom, there’s a chance damp is spreading underneath it. Sure, if you’ve just wallpapered a room, this is a sign that it’s drying off – but if it doesn’t smooth itself out, there could be an underlying problem.

Your rooms could be damaged without you knowing it, so be vigilant every now and then.

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