Four Simple Ways To Teach The Kids About Energy Conservation

Children are like little sponges. Whatever you hope to teach them goes right in and they hold onto it forever. As a parent, it’s always going to be up to you to model the behavior in your children that you want to see. Children are always watching and learning from you, and when you take the time to make changes to your own way of living, they will see this behavior and imitate it.

Most families are now living to a budget; those that aren’t are either savvy enough with their cash not to need to or rich enough not to think about it. The thing is, living to a budget is something that the kids will learn to do if they see you doing it, and one of the biggest reasons is that the cost of everything is getting higher right now.

Finding ways to conserve money on your groceries and housekeeping is just good sense, but are you considering how to conserve energy, too? Making a conscious effort to live in a way that can conserve the energy in your home is going to be one of the best ways that your children learn how to be good stewards of the planet from a young age. So, while you’re thinking about teaching the kids manners, cookery and budgeting skills, have you considered what you could teach them about energy efficiency?

energy conservation

Here are four ways to do it.

Four Simple Ways To Teach The Kids About Energy Conservation

Home Repairs

Every now and then, something needs fixing in the home. When the porch light goes out, why not think about replacing it with solar lights? Solar is a fantastic alternative energy source that’s just 100% natural. Teaching the kids to harness the sun can make them feel like superheroes. When the roof needs replacing, think about Erie Metal Roofs as an alternative. They add an extra layer of insulation to your home, keeping in the heat and air conditioning. The repairs you make can instantly impact your carbon footprint and be so much better for the environment.


Children have toys that come with a plethora of batteries in different sizes. Teach yours about rechargeable batteries that can be used over and over again. They’ll not only save you money, you’re not leaving batteries in landfill anymore!

Wind Power 

You’ve probably seen the large wind farms when you’re on a road trip and teaching the kids that there are other sources of renewable energy aside from solar power is teaching them the future of energy. Wind farms currently power entire villages in some places, using the power of the wind to convert to energy. Make your own pinwheels to demonstrate how they work.


LED lights are the most efficient way to save money just by lighting your home. Incandescent lights may be pretty, but they’re not as good for the environment! Teaching the children about other lighting options is so important for their future.

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re sending educated adults into the world, so don’t be afraid to branch out at your next lesson.

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