Making Large Family Living More Comfortable

There’s much to love about having a large family. Once you’ve got one for yourself, you begin to wonder how anyone can live in such a small clan! However, it’s not all a bed of roses. It’s just a fact of the circumstances that you can’t always have as much space as you’d like. Comfort can be at a premium when there are so many people under one roof! There are, however, some things you can do to up the comfort levels in the home. We take a look at a few tried and tested methods below.

Make the Most of the Whole House

Most people’s homes are bigger than they realize. Everyone’s always trying to fit into the living room in the evening, leaving the rest of the house stood empty. When you’ve got some many people living in one space, it makes sense to use as many rooms as possible. Now, of course, no-one’s going to spend time in the mudroom, but things like the kitchen can be social spaces. Take a look at opening up your kitchen and dining room, so they form one large room. It’ll be a welcome option when the living area is full.

Getting Organized

Most of the time, however, the issues with a big family under one roof aren’t social: it’s logistical. It can be difficult for everyone to get ready when there are limited facilities, and everyone needs to be ready at a particular time, say in the morning. Every family knows the madness that can come from everyone trying to use the bathroom all at the same time, but especially large families. Here, a bathroom remodeling job might come in handy. Add an extra sink, and you’ll have halved the waiting the time in the morning. Perfect!

In the Outdoors

People often fall into the habit of thinking that they only have the inside of the property to play with. Not true! You’ve also got the backyard just sitting there. During spring and summer, it’ll function as an additional room, in the process making the interior feel less crowded. But you’ll have to set it up for it to usable. This can mean buying garden furniture, or children’s toys, and adding a firepit so that it’s an option even when the evenings get a little chillier. You’ve got a lot of land, make sure you’re not limiting yourself to just the indoors!

Meeting the Needs of the Children

You’ve got six or more people in your family, and while you’re mostly a clan, there are also six individuals there too! To ensure the needs of everyone can be met, focus on the individual bedrooms. If they’re too basic, then no-one will want to spend any time there. Work on making them comfortable, spacious, and in line with the needs and wants of the individual. That way, the children in your family will have a space that’s completely their own, so they can develop their personality away from the family rule.

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