Preparing Your Property for Fall

As summer nears its end the times comes to prepare your home for the Fall. Now is the time to make adjustments and do repairs to help prevent any sorts of disaster happening that might end up giving you huge repair bills.


Get your heating system checked out now before the mad rush that happens for heating engineers every year.  You want to know that it is going to work efficiently to keep you and your family warm, but you also need to be certain it is serviced so that it is safe. Carbon monoxide is called the silent killer as it has no smell, and if there is a leak of it, the victims can be quite ill and even die before anyone realizes there is a problem.

Have Your Roof Checked

You might be surprised at how much damage to your home a leaking roof can cause. It only needs to be a couple of loose tiles out of place for water to pour in when it rains. Before you know it you could have walls furniture and fittings with damage to them. You need to use a reputable company though, not someone who will pretend a repair needs to be done.

Gold Star Premium Roofing, or someone similar with the expertise, and knowledge they have will only tell you repairs need doing if they really do. Forget the cowboys. Look for an accredited company that you can trust.

Cleans Gutters and Drains

If your gutters are blocked they will overflow and that can cause nasty stains on the outside of your own. If the situation continues, the water can seep through the walls, and then you will have a problem internally as well. Cleaning your gutters is not a difficult job, and it also gives you the chance to see if it needs repairing anywhere.

Cleaning your drains might not seem hard either, but if you encounter a problem you may need to fetch a plumber. If a blockage has moved into the pipes, they can eventually crack and leaking pipes can cause all sorts of havoc in your home.

Chimney Sweep Time

If you have an open fire now is the time to get your chimney swept by a professional like Emerald City Chimney. Just like with heating engineers, as the year progresses the busier sweeps will become. Don’t wait till the last minute, get it done now.

Once it has been done it will not matter if it is not used for a while. At least you will know that it is safe and your chimney should not catch fire.


For many, but not all, now is the time of years to cut away any dead leaves and flowers so that your plants stay in good condition through the winter. If any of them need to be brought inside because they are not frost resistant, do that now as well. The early morning frosts tend to creep up on us very quickly and before you know it you could have several unwell plants and your hands.

This is a time of year when there are not a lot of jobs to do, but the ones that do need doing are vitally important to help prevent disasters in your home.

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