Teaching Teens: Preparing Homeschooled Kids For College

Tutoring your children at home is easy throughout their early years. And it’s likely that you’ll possess all the skills and knowledge to guide them to great results. As they enter their final year before college, however, the homeschooling process can be a little more difficult.

After all, like anybody else, it’s only natural that you have strengths and weaknesses.

Surround yourself with the right support, and you’ll be sure to give your teen everything they need for the perfect college preparations.

Here’s all you need to know.

Prepare Them For Their Exams

Throughout the homeschooling journey, you’ve been keen to teach a love of learning. As your teen approaches this pivotal stage of life, though, there is a need to start focusing on grades. Even if your child decides not to attend college, better qualifications will open more doors.

Having already educated your child on the course materials, try to get hold of mock exams. Conduct these under test conditions and begin them at the earliest stage possible. If your child struggles in a particular subject, a private tutor may be the perfect solution throughout this crucial last years.

English and maths should form the foundations for success. Other subjects may be influenced heavily by your child’s personality and preferences.

Develop Advanced Skills For The Modern World

It’s one thing for your child to boast a wealth of knowledge across a range of subjects, but college is a time for them to start truly working towards a career. Honing in on a specific industry and skills set will be crucial if your teen is going to make their dream a reality.

The world has evolved at a rapid rate. You may consequently lack some of the skills to actively support your teen’s development at this crucial stage. However, you can find a host of materials on computer programming and other modern subjects. First and foremost, they are highly beneficial for your teen. But they can help you too.

If your child is passionate about a particular career path, they’ll do a lot of the hard work themselves. Still, it never hurts to have mom and dad in their corner.

Get Them Used To The Academic Routines

Moving to college is a difficult transition for any youngster. Nevertheless, it can be particularly challenging for homeschooled kids. They’ve been used to learning through one-to-one tutoring, potentially on a unique schedule. So, there’s another change they’ll need to get used to.

Your teen probably has a great social life and knows how to interact with others outside of class. Entering the formal classroom or lecture can be quite a strange concept, though. If possible, signing up for an evening class or summer activity in a similar setting can remove this sense of uncertainty. In turn, the transitions become a lot easier.

In truth, the homeschool schedule of having days broken up by breaks resembles college life more than school. In this aspect, then, your teen may even have an advantage over future contemporaries.

Help Them Get Into College

You’ve done an incredible job to get your child this far, but college is where your teen will truly take their academic passions to the next level. Still, they will need your support throughout the process of getting into their chosen school, and not only in terms of preparing for exams.

The competition for places is fiercer than ever, particularly in the Ivy League schools and other popular institutes. Don’t be afraid to seek a helping hand through the college admissions process from the experts that know what those schools are looking for. It could make all the difference.

On a separate note, you can provide financial support or at least help your teen apply for student loans or bursaries. Money is a major worry for them, and removing that concern will be huge.

Teach Valuable Life Skills

Getting the grades required to gain the best degree and qualifications will always be paramount. Nonetheless, college is about so much more than academic achievement. Moreover, without control in those external areas, your teen’s studies will suffer.

Empowering your teen by educating them on organization and valuable life skills is critical. It will make the transition to independent living far easier. From cleaning habits to dorm-friendly cooking, those talents can be as useful as any studying techniques you may have taught. Budgeting is another item to put on the agenda.

Not only will these tips help your teen prepare for college, but they’ll also provide a foundation for later life. Perfect.

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