The Starting Steps of Your Homeschooling Journey

If like many, you’re not confident in the school’s ability to educate your child as well as they need to be educated, there’s nothing to stop you from homeschooling them yourself. It’s not easy, but your child is already used to learning in the home environment all the time. After all, that’s where they started to learn to walk, to talk, and to interface with the world.

Here are some of the major things you need to start homeschooling your children.

Setting up

At the very start, you need to figure out what the State’s requirements for your children’s home education are, exactly. Some states have specific regulations to follow, others have no statutes at all.

Local and state homeschooling groups can help you better understand them and translate them from legalese. You’ll need an internet connection you can rely on, too. Click this link if you need to upgrade your connection.

Not only are you going to be using the internet to find educational resources, but it’s incredibly helpful for locating other homeschoolers and nearby activities for the extra-curricular activities, field trips, co-ops, and outings that can be just as crucial as the curriculum itself.

Finding your routine

Start to look at the different available methods of homeschooling. You don’t have to recreate a school environment. In fact, you may be homeschooling because that environment isn’t really working for your child.

Put together your curriculum and boil it down into different specific topics and lessons. Click here to learn how to build a routine out of different lessons. You can buy pre-made curriculums, but you and your child’s mileage may vary on how effective those tend to be.

If your child has already been in school for some time, you may also need to consider making efforts to de-school them. This is the process of divorcing them from the school culture and getting them into a different learning mindset. It may be essential if your child has spent a long time in school.

Building a network

Though homeschooling gives you a lot of control over your child’s educational journey, it’s best done with as much information and support as possible. After all, no-one is a perfect teacher and we always have more to learn.

For instance, you can look up homeschooling groups in your area, as well as homeschooling conferences that can keep you updated on the latest and greatest methods, tips, and tricks when educating your child. Incorporating your own support network, such as your family, can be important as well.

This is especially true of close aunties and uncles and grandparents of the children. Having their support in the decision you have made and showing them the benefits can make it a lot easier to cope with the hassle of homeschooling.

The tips above are just the beginning. One of the benefits of homeschooling is that it’s relatively flexible. Different kids learn in different ways and it might take a little experimentation to find the best way to cover all the different topics in the curriculum.

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