Trendy Ways to Make the Most of Your Basement

Many of us have basements under our homes. We live on top of them. Our lives are in the spaces above ground, while our basements lay largely ignored. You might use them to keep old furniture in or to store things that you don’t want other people to see. You might only go down there to read the meters, or like many people, you might be weirdly terrified of the space under your home and avoid going down there altogether.

This is a massive waste of space. If you’ve got a full basement that covers your whole home, or even just a partial basement that covers a smaller section, you should be using it. This space was included when working out how much your home was worth. You’ve paid for it. It’s a part of your home. But it’s sitting there unused and unloved.

In its current state, you might find it hard to imagine your basement as anything other than a slightly damp, creepy and dark space that you use to store junk. But, with a little remodeling, your basement could be so much more. Here are a few fashionable ways that you could make more of it.

A Neat Whine Cellar

What could be cooler than your own private wine cellar? The great thing about this option is that you can put as much or as little work in as you want. If you just want a place to keep a few bottles of wine, you might just want to add a light, damp proof the room, tile the floor and add some wine racks. If you want more from your wine cellar, add further lighting options, some seating and tables, and even a heater to make things more comfortable.

A Cozy Guest Bedroom

Turning your cellar into a bedroom can take a lot of work. It’ll need completely renovating, and you’ll need to add insulation, electrics, lighting, and heat. But, it can be well worth the effort. A spare bedroom in your basement gives your guests a private and cozy space to enjoy. It will also increase the value of your home and give you further options in the future.

A Romantic Dining Room

Many of us would love a separate dining room. A kitchen/diner is a great place to eat meals with your family, but it’s not always ideal for entertaining. Turning your basement into a dining room gives you a great atmospheric space away from the rest of the house.

A Stylish Office

An awful lot of us now work from home. Many of us do this without an office. Making the best of the space in our lounge or bedroom. You might have even tried to create a home office in a tiny area like under your stairs.

Turning your basement into an office gives you a space to work in a quiet area away from the noise and distraction of the rest of your house.

A Fun Games Room

If you don’t need another bedroom and you are happy with your current office, how about something a little more fun like a games room? Add a pool table or a pinball machine, and you’ll have a great place to escape from life’s stress.

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