5 Methods Of Raising Children Well In The Modern Age

Raising children well isn’t easy, particularly in the modern day. Even raising children twenty years ago had many different norms and expectations when it came to the finer points of how children grew up. Perhaps the most common complaint is how we used to hear children being ‘free’ to ride their bicycles around town, and how they were given more autonomy to explore their environment. These days, parents are scared to let their parents play in the garden unsupervised. There’s also good and bad in how adults might not engage children who aren’t their own, in the presence of their parents, for fear of ‘giving the wrong impression.’ Of course, this is talking in very broad strokes, and hardly applies to every situation. However, if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that parenting has changed in very significant ways in the last couple of decades.

In this article, we hope to express five simple tips to help you keep yourself well-developed in the modern child-rearing environment, with all the current societal pressures that might be weighing you down.

Legality Doesn’t Signify Appropriateness

Just because you can still smoke in your own home, or because cannabis might be legal where you are, it doesn’t mean you should expose your child to that whatsoever. For example, learning to quit smoking or using child resistant cannabis bags in each of these scenarios can truly save you some headaches down the line, and methods like this might be appropriate in order to ensure the continued health of your inquisitive child.

Turn Off Their Devices

Don’t gift your child devices. They don’t need an iPad before their fifteenth birthday. They don’t need to watch television all the time. They shouldn’t utilize YouTube all day as a means of easy parenting. Try to raise children who aren’t weaned on the internet. It’s hard to do, but achieving this can sustain the innocence of childhood a little longer.

Turn Off Your Devices

Try to only check your phone when you hear a notification. Social media addiction, notification culture among many other issues with the modern technological culture can leave us neglectful of our child, even in the smaller moments. Do your best to turn off the devices, and focus on the presence of your child. They’ll grow up faster than you know.

Don’t Post Pictures

We are now living in an age where children are being born with their entire life documented in pictures from infancy to adolescence. Of course, taking pictures is perfectly fine. But a child might not enjoy the fact that pictures of their entire childhood are hosted online, even on a private profile, when they become old enough to understand it. Value the privacy of your child, and don’t post them for something as superficial as ‘likes.’

Emphasize Reading

Read to your children. Encourage them to tackle their own storybooks. Help them learn the art of reading, and perhaps even launch a mini-book club with them when they become of age. Not enough children read these days, especially when all this entertaining content is the press of a button away. Doing this can help your child build literacy, attention, and focus. That matters in the modern world.

With these tips, raising your children well in the modern age will be more possible than it might have been. Good luck!

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